Sunday, July 8, 2012

7/8: Sunday Ramblings...

Greetings everyone! Several things to cover so let's go...

  • The US Basketball Roster is out and finalized. There were nine "locks" going in once all of the injury guys were removed, and it's a nice group. Kobe, CP3, Westbrook, Deron Williams, Lebron, Durant, Carmelo, Kevin Love, and Tyson Chandler were no-brainers when considering the options, but the final three spots were up for grabs. In the end, the US went with James Harden, Andre Iguodala, and Blake Griffin. I'm totally okay with Harden and Iguodala, as Harden provides another 2-guard option who can shoot, and Iguodala gives them a defensive stopper off the bench. I don't love the Griffin selection at all because his game doesn't really fit international play, but lack of options also came into play, and with the other option being the totally unproven Anthony Davis, I can see the logic. Get me to London...
  • Since we last met in this space (lol), Ray Allen signed with Miami. I'm a little surprised that Ray didn't go to the Clippers or Memphis for the full mid-level, but anyone shocked by him leaving Boston for Miami isn't paying attention. Things had soured for Ray in Boston between his relationship with Rondo and the emergence of Avery Bradley. The fit in Miami is a great one because he's the perfect floor stretcher, and the rich get richer.
  • Marcus Camby has a list of suitors headlined by the Knicks and Heat. Speaking of perfect fits, he'd be an incredible steal as a rim protector for Miami, but "sources" were saying this morning that New York is more likely. I can think of 15 different teams that would fit better than New York (who has Tyson Chandler), but he's played there before and New York is New York.
  • The Hawks have made 2 minor issues in the last few days. First, they issued a qualifying offer to Ivan Johnson. This basically ensures that the Hawks will a) sign Johnson to a 1-year deal at minor money, or b) have the right to match any free agent deal he signs elsewhere. Johnson was a valuable bench piece last year, and I'm sure they'd like to retain him, but with that said, any multi-year deal at decent money would be a curious decision with the cap space they've worked on creating. Secondly, Jordan Farmar will reportedly be bought out for $1.5 million. He would've cost the Hawks $4+ million this season, and the notoriously cheap Spirit group jumped at the chance to save a few bucks. They'll certainly need to attract another guard or two in free agency (minimum guys most likely) to fill the roster with only Harris and Teague capable of handling the ball on the current roster.
  • The Braves have pushed to a 2-0 series lead in the weekend series over Philly with 5-0 and 6-3 victories. Starting pitching has been the key with Tim Hudson throwing 7 shut-out innings on Friday and Tommy Hanson throwing 7 efficient innings on Saturday. It's nice to see Brian McCann suddenly raking as he's homered in both games including a grand slam on Friday. Nothing's more fun than beating Philadelphia. 
What to watch for on Sunday..
  • Wimbledon Men's Final - Federer vs. Murray - ESPN 9:00 am - One of the great traditions in sports is the Sunday morning men's final in England. Federer looking for Major #17 and Murray holding the latest chance for a British Wimbledon champ. Tune in if you're free.
  • Braves @ Phillies - Jurrjens vs. Worley - TBS/Peachtree TV 1:30 - The series ender in Philly, as the Braves look for a sweep.
  • Yankees @ Red Sox - Nova vs. Lester - ESPN 8:00 - Who do you think has the better ERA in this match-up? That's right, Ivan Nova! Lester has struggled to a 4.33 ERA this year, and facing the Yankees usually doesn't help that particular number. 

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