Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shanahan fired....

Wow....When I discussed Mike Shanahan's seemingly bulletproof job....I was wrong? Shanahan canned per an AP report this afternoon....pretty crazy....but honestly, I think it's been coming....his record post-Elway is quite spotty...but I am thoroughly interested on how this will affect Jay Cutler's progression

2008-09 NFL Playoff Preview!

Well....we've reached that time of year....I will still do a weekly wrap including any picks against the spread that I may see fit....but I will also post my entire predictions....right here, right now lol....BUT FIRST! (laughter)
YTD (Entering): 52-56-3
  • Philly -3 over Minnesota....let's just say I was praying Minnesota got into the playoffs so I could pick against Tarvaris Jackson....

And thats it....nothing else jumps out at me in Round 1....

To the playoff picture! First the wild card round....

  • Atlanta over Arizona....I've agonized over this one....Arizona's big, physical receivers present a matchup problem...but I'll take the team that runs the ball better, takes care of the ball better, and defends the run better....Good luck to Mr. Ryan...
  • Indy over SD....another game I have no idea about....I was yearning at the opportunity to imaginary wager against Denver in this game (Indy owns them)....but San Diego, and more importantly, LDT looked very good Sunday night....that said, I still like Indy who has somehow won 9 straight games and no one is mentioning that
  • Miami over Baltimore....call me crazy, I'll take the team who's quarterback REFUSES to make mistakes....lol
  • Philly over Minnesota....mostly because of Tarvaris....but Philly always plays much better when their back is against the wall, and are the more seasoned team....

Quick predictions after this....

  • Atlanta over Carolina in Carolina.....call me crazy, I don't trust Jake Delhomme....
  • New York over Philly.....bad conditions, they can contain Westbrook and force Donovan to try and beat them....don't think he will
  • Pittsburgh over Miami....Ben should be back and ready to play....Never trust Miami in the cold and Roethlisberger is made for this type of game
  • Indy over Tennessee.....I can't make myself wager on Kerry Collins in game against Peyton Manning....I just can't force myself to...and Tennessee has looked pedestrian for about a month

Championship week

  • New York over Atlanta....and the dream...is....over. lol Can't see this team going into the meadowlands and winning....sorry everyone....Too much talent defensively for New York and Eli's battle tested
  • Indy over Pittsburgh....I've struggled with this game over and over....probably more than any other....it'll change before then probably (lol) but I like Indy....they are just playing too well, and Peyton is just not letting them lose....plus, Pittsburgh can't run the ball this year....didn't notice? Well, that's how you beat Indy....and they can't do it....hmmmmm

SB Week....

  • For now....I like New York because they can pound it down Indy's throat in the run game and get pressure on Peyton....and omg....I just noticed this is the Manning super bowl....and didn't take that into account....Welp, at least now I have to actively root against myself....


Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 17 Wrap....and some other stuff

Wow...that was an exciting(?) day....lol Straight to the picks wrap...
  • Cleveland +11 @ Pittsburgh.....Well I figured Pittsburgh would pull the starters, I just thought it may actually matter.....loser!
  • Tenn -3 @ Indy....yikes...loser!
  • Houston -3 over Chicago....winner!
  • New Orleans +1.5 over Carolina....Loser by a half point!
  • Denver +9 over SD....haha....loser

Back to normal....1-4, 52-56-3

  • Was anything more amusing to the average fan that Dallas getting absolutely blasted in a must-win game? I say no....No POSSIBLE way Wade Phillips should keep his job....BUT I blame the GM....who's that you say? Oh yea....the owner Jerry Jones
  • Mangini and Marinelli fired for the Jets and Lions respectively....the first one mildly surprises me....I blame Favre (and thus, the GM) more for the Jets demise than I do Mangini....anyone who saw Brett yesterday should agree, he was atrocious and is likely the biggest joke of a Pro Bowl selection I've ever witnessed (he's in ahead of rivers!!!!)....Marinelli...well, you know what happened
  • The Lions went 0-16....should be a bigger story....historically bad is just a big deal as historically good....or at least close, especially in a cap-driven league
  • To the AFC playoff picture....San Diego wins the division at 8-8 (by POUNDING a Denver team that looked awful on defense and would have had any other coach but Shanahan canned this morning)....while New England goes 11-5 and misses the playoffs.....a 3-game difference....something is amiss here....
  • I need more people calling for Gruden's head in Tampa....4 straight losses coming to head by a HOME loss to Oakland with the playoffs on the line? Yikes
  • Oh yea, Romeo Crennel got fired....Phil Savage too....I almost forgot since everyone in the free world knew that was happening the monday after the season for about 6 weeks now
  • Up and down day for Falcons fans....If only 3 defenders could knock the ball down on Steve Smith....lol....That said, great year regardless of playoff finish, 11-5? Seriously? Amazing....
  • Speaking of the Saints....Drew Brees threw his worst pass of the day to Lance Moore that would've broken the record....it's almost like he didn't wanna get it that way....In fact, I'm going to say that on record....I think he threw that into the ground on purpose....or at least sub-consciously....and if he did, I applaud him....
  • please, Please, PLEASE let the Mets trade for Andruw Jones....I beg you
  • Andre Smith....consensus top 3 NFL draft pick this year and nation's best player (IMO) suspended for the Sugar Bowl....it's a shame it won't matter since they are playing Utah in the SEC hotbed of New Orleans...that said, the betting line DIDN'T MOVE....how is that possible? He's the best player on the team....lol
  • Yikes....the Falcons are favored on the road with a rookie QB in the playoffs...I don't care if it is Matt Ryan....

All I got for now....Full NFL playoff preview to come before Saturday, and the usual stuff sprinkled in

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 17 NFL

It dawned on me this morning I hadn't put up my PICKS or thoughts on the NFL this week.....quickly, here we are
YTD (Entering): 51-52-3 (pending college football picks that I will wrap after the bowls)
  • Cleveland +11 @ Pittsburgh....Pittsburgh isn't playing for anything....and yet it still pains me to take 11 points, yikes
  • Tennessee -3 @ Indy.....Neither is playing for anything....but I'll take the Titans running game over the Jim Sorgi led Colts attack any day
  • Houston -3 over Chicago.....I love Houston at home usually....and Chicago lays the proverbial egg here
  • New Orleans +1.5 over Carolina.....Call it a hunch....I think Brees goes off....might even get the record
  • Denver +9 over San Diego.....really? A 7-8 team is laying 9 points to an 8-7 team?

Okay thats good enough....

  • Quickly, I like Atlanta, New England, Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans, Dallas, NYJ, and San Diego in the relevant (somewhat, at least) games.....


  • I will likely NEVER blog on the UFC....don't ask me to.....I don't care for it....I never will.....settled? Okay then

Enjoy the final full week of NFL action everyone

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas All....

The title says it all....Do me a favor and watch some NBA basketball today.....and don't underrate the Spurs game at 2:30....any excuse to watch Tim Duncan go to work....lol
  • Arm health may retire Brett Favre.....well he's done anyway if you ask me...he's been openly dreadful for about 2 months now....and somehow he's in the pro bowl over Philip Rivers....shows how irrelevant that game is
  • Mike Singletary gets offered to stay on in San Fran....got a feeling this ends badly....
  • Orlando is currently laying the wood to New Orleans by thirty(?) at halftime....interesting....good to see the Hornets showed up today....lol
  • Notre Dame won a bowl game! Granted it was against an overmatched Hawaii team but hey...let's get fired up about a team that went 7-6 and never beat a quality opponent.....hurray Clausen hurray Weis!
  • I was going over some stats last night....and realized Dwyane Wade.....while obviously leading the league in points (over Lebron btw) is also in the top 15 in the league in blocks....at 6'4.....and he somehow averages a .5 block more than Lebron who is 6'8 250 and an athletic freak....and he averages more assists....on a team with no point guard or servicable post presence.....and Lebron is the knock-down MVP choice? Eh....I'm going to need more discussion

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tex to the Yankees....?!

So I'm at work today....and I receive word via an extremely reliable source (lol) that Mark Teixeira has signed for 8 years, 180 million with.....the Yankees.....huh? My first reaction was instant laughter (I have a witness for this lol)....How in God's name can they afford this? They've spent more than $400 million total (and over 60 million for this year) on 3 free agent signings this year.....and that goes along with the highest paid player in the league by far (A-Rod), a $20 million shortstop in Jeter, and several expensive vets like Rivera and Posada....my god....but what can you do if you are the league? No winners.....

Onto a couple other things...
  • Shaun Ellis fined 10K for throwing snow back at Seattle fans....I don't like this....snow isn't hurting anyone....and the fans loved it....and they did it first....
  • Eddy Curry is....back! lol sorry, I know no one cares
  • Come on Celtics....please win tonight so the Christmas game means even more.....it'll be the biggest regular season game since Kobe-Shaq I anyway....but still
  • And finally.....the NFL found it necessary to make a special announcement to say Ed Hochuli isn't working the Chargers-Broncos game......word? What were they gonna do? Put him there?....Just stop it....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 16 NFL and more

THE PICKS first....
YTD (Entering): 47-52-3
  • Miami -3.5 over KC....Winner!
  • NE -8 over Arizona....Winner!
  • Seattle +4 over NYJ.....winner!
  • Falcons +3.5 over minny.....Winner!!

Wow...4-0...weird.....51-52-3 looks a little better

  • Okay....somebody wake me up.....The Falcons are in the playoffs....and, with a win and a Carolina loss this week, could get a first round bye!?!? What universe am I in? That said....they didn't really play that well yesterday, my boy Tarvaris Jackson helped out quite a bit
  • Detroit is 0-15....and they aren't getting to 0-16 in Green Bay....pack it in....go home
  • I can't remember a team that has ever looked worse in winning a division.....now 8-7 and completely out of sync....Arizona got pounded 47-7 in New England....but who didn't see that coming? This is more of an indictment on the division than anything else because the Cardinals have too many flaws to be taken seriously
  • Tampa loses their 3rd straight and now must rely on Dallas losing in Week 17....A pretty significant collapse by them and their style has caught up to them a bit with the total inability to create consistent offense
  • The Giants put away homefield throughout with their win vs. Carolina....Derrick Ward....15 carries, 215 yards....that's not a typo.....what a game from him to complement Jacobs 24 workman-like carries....The Giants aren't without flaws but I don't know who I'd like to beat them in the Meadowlands....
  • 8 years, 180 million....that's really not enough for Mark Teixeira? Honestly? He isn't even a top 10 position player in the Majors right now.....Just think about that....how can he be in a position to turn that down? I have no earthly idea
  • The Hawks improve to 17-10.....it seems like a little payback for all these years of Atlanta sports doom.....but I'm sure the Falcons will lose in Round 1, and Joe Johnson and Al Horford will tear their ACLs soon enough....
  • Rob Parker literally asked Rod Marinelli if he wished his daughter (who is currently married to his D-Coordinator) had "married a better defensive coordinator".....AT A PRESS CONFERENCE!....That exchanged actually happened.....after a pretty thorough unearthing of the guy already, he dropped that.....the term "suspended" doesn't even seem strong enough

More later

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some bullets and a quick NFL Preview

Greetings all..... First I wanna get up my PICKS for today.....
  • Miami -3.5 over KC
  • New England -8 over Arizona....West coast team (already playing badly lately) going east for the 1:00 kick
  • Seattle +4 over NYJ....Long trip the other way, improving Seahawks bunch
  • Atlanta +3.5 over Minny....reasoning below

That's it for that....

  • Atlanta travels to Minnesota in perhaps the most crucial game to the NFC playoff picture with apologies to Carolina and the Giants who will be 1-2 in some order regardless of the outcome today....I like Atlanta in the matchup now that I know Tarvaris Jackson is playing....Seems too simple? Okay, how bout one of their all-pro DTs is out? not enough? Well, I'm satisfied
  • The aforementioned Carolina/NYG game takes center stage in primetime and is the game of the year in the NFC....but yet, I'm not terribly interested because it doesn't settle much....That said, Giants fans need some life from their offense and they should get some with Brandon Jacobs back
  • Pittsburgh and Tennessee highlight the AFC with a matchup of "titans" (pardon that)....I like Pittsburgh because I just don't trust Tennessee and Pittsburgh has a track record of squeaking out games.....and can we please go ahead and give Ben Roethlisberger some due? He's one of those classic "numbers don't matter" guys....You know he'll win games for you....and he has some ludicrously good numbers in 4th quarters and on final drives....he's just clutch....and he's doing it without an effective OL in front of him and with a beat-up running game

To some other stuff.....

  • Lebron says he may re-up with Cleveland this summer....I still don't believe it....I know it's his hometown and they are improved....but his stated goal is to become a global icon and you don't do that playing in Cleveland, Ohio....you just don't
  • College BBall roundup: UConn catches the Zags....Gonzaga impressed me by hanging in physically with the all-world athletes of UConn but gave way late....both teams are definite top 10 in my mind.......Duke pounds Xavier....I'm not surprised but people seem to be....Xavier was highly ranked, yes, but the talent disparity was large and the A-10 is still abysmal....Minnesota surprises Louisville.... For all the Louisville hype, I don't see the results....they have athletic guys but no one that really scares you outside of Samardo Samuels and he's a freshman who is raw....
  • Iowa State hires an Auburn assistant to fill it's coaching vacancy....was that a trade we just witnessed? lol
  • Jamal Crawford hangs 50 on Charlotte....further illlustrating that you can't play DJ Augustin and Ray Felton together and expect to guard anyone lol
  • Lost in Dwyane Wade's 43 in a road win in New Jersey was rookie Brook Lopez putting up a 22 and 13 in the loss.....that's pretty darn impressive if you ask me
  • Al Jefferson just thoroughly dominated Yao Ming last night (34 and 13 with Yao having 18 and FOUR rebounds)....and the Wolves still lost.....
  • Quick....who's fourth in the East? Oh....the Hawks? What year is this? lol......Elsewhere in the standings....Philly, Toronto, Indiana, and Washington (four teams that garnered fairly good preseason ratings in the East) are a combined 36-69.....Washington alone is 4-20....4-20! Hate to say I pegged that one....but I did....but hey, I'm still the idiot who missed on Philly
  • In the west....LAC and Golden State are a combined 16-39.....People saw Golden State's demise coming...but there were pretty significant expectations for the Clips....yikes....In my mind there is a clear "bottom 6" as we stand in the NBA.....Kevin Durant's team, Minnesota, Sacramento, Washington, Charlotte, and the Knicks (don't let the record fool you, they've been outright abysmal since they made moves)......
  • Somebody e-mail me a plan for what to do with Mike Bibby if you are the Hawks this season/off-season/whenever.....He's coming off the books at like 14 million after this year.....Do you deal him now? Let him expire? Re-up him at a slight discount? Please clear this up for me

And i'm spent...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Bowl Preview....

You knew it was coming....starting with my PICKS for the bowl season (by lines here):
  • BYU +3 over Arizona
  • TCU -2.5 over Boise State (I like the Mountain West lol)
  • Maryland +2 over Nevada
  • BC -3.5 over Vanderbilt
  • Georgia Tech -4 over LSU
  • Georgia -7.5 over Michigan State (it pains me)
  • USC -9 over Penn State
  • Florida -3 over Oklahoma
  • Miami +8 over Cal

8 line bets seems about right....now let me try this.....I'm gonna pick every game straight up and see how I do.....Here are the winners

  • Wake over Navy
  • Fresno over Colorado State
  • South Florida over Memphis (biggest lock of the entire bowl season IMO)
  • BYU over Arizona
  • Troy over Southern Miss
  • TCU over Boise
  • Hawaii over Notre dame
  • Central Mich over FL Atlantic
  • North Carolina over West Va.
  • Florida State over Wisc.
  • Cal over Miami
  • Northern Ill. over La Tech
  • Rutgers over NCSU
  • Missou over NW
  • Maryland over Nevada
  • Western Mich over Rice
  • Oklahoma State over Oregon
  • Houston over Air Force
  • Pitt over Oregon State
  • BC over Vandy
  • Kansas over Minny
  • GT over LSU
  • South Carolina over Iowa
  • Clemson over Neb.
  • UGA over Mich St.
  • USC over Penn St.
  • Cincy over Va. Tech
  • T. Tech over Miss
  • ECU over Kentucky
  • Bama over Utah
  • UConn over Buffalo
  • Texas over Ohio St.
  • Ball State over Tulsa
  • FL over Oklahoma

There it is....Game previews as we go....and after doing that, there are TOO many bowl games...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here we are....

First...I went 0-4 in the picks last week in the NFL with three, count em, three losses by one point to the spread....I run well lol.... Okay, glad I got that out
  • Celtics @ Hawks tonight....somehow a game in December is literally the biggest regular season game in the history of Philips Arena (Hawks AND Thrashers included).....Boston riding a huge win streak and the Hawks have shown the ability time and time again to beat them in that building....I love the enthusiasm around the city (for once) too
  • Steph Marbury had to buy tickets to go see a Knicks game....lol
  • Pro Bowl snubs (not that anyone cares): THE most glaring one is......Philip Rivers and Chad Pennington (over Brett Favre) which is totally indefensible b/c Favre has been borderline awful for about 8 weeks now, John Abraham (over Julius Peppers), Barrett Ruud (over teammate Derrick Brooks, who got a courtesy selection)
  • Demarco Murray out for the BCS Title game.....this is actually way bigger news than it's been given credit for (because we are so far away from the game) but that could definitely swing things
  • Can we decide whether Rafael Furcal is coming back east? It was being reported as a done deal yesterday.....and now it isn't? I'm indifferent on the deal, but I know one thing.....Frank Wren better have a plan on what to do with him, Yunel, and/or Kelly Johnson
  • Michigan Defensive Coordinator Scott Shafer resigns....after one year.....well I guess that's what happens when the unit that returned 8 full-time starters and 1 platoon starter from last year...and got measurably worse in his first campaign....and I don't wanna hear how they were on the field too much....make a stop for once in your life....Good riddance to you sir
  • Joe Paterno gets a 3-year extension....I understand the outrage of some because...ya know, he does nothing....but if Penn State is fine with the team being run by coordinators...that's fine with me

More later

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Falcons news....

Jeff Garcia has been ruled out for today.....Subsequently the line has jumped from falcons -2.5 to Falcons -4.5....and I'm STILL adding it to the picks....
  • Falcons -4.5 for the win!

Enjoy the slate

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13: Lots to get to....

Well here we are...back again....Christmas is crazy busy...forgive me once again

Edit: LOL, Gene Chizik hired at Auburn.....ummm...really? You're kidding me.....He just lost TEN games in a row at Iowa State...including going winless in conference....that's the guy you go with? I can't fathom why they wouldn't go with Turner Gill if he would've taken the job before this guy....Unbelievable
  • Maurice Cheeks fired in Philly....wow...already? I thought he did a great job last year and should have been given more time....Brand isn't fitting but that's not his signing is it? Where's the GM in all this? I'm sorta miffed...
  • AJ Burnett to the Yanks to go along with CC Sabathia....really? Why don't you go sign Tex and Manny too and field an all-star team and spend 300 million a year? My god
  • I've never seen anyone that can do the things that Stephen Curry does with his frame (small, frail)....he's absolutely must-see TV....fantastic scorer...and climbing on draft boards daily as he shows he can distribute the ball as well
  • The Heisman is presented tonight....and I don't care at all? seems a bit off....but not really....this hasn't gripped me in about 4 years....I think it ended for me when Jason White won it.....My pick: Sam Bradford......Guy who should be there and isn't (not Graham Harrell!): Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa
  • Lots of good NFL action.....including....


YTD (Entering): 47-49-3

  • Green Bay -2 over Jax....Jax is done...done, done, done...and I think they roll over here...Green bay has faint hope and may be the best team with a losing record that I can remember....
  • Arizona -3 over Minny....Arizona plays much better defense at home...long trip for the Vikes....Tavaris Jackson....Tavaris Jackson.....On the road....
  • Miami -6 over SF....West coast team coming east and playing at 1....we all know that trend....plus the niners smell and I like Chad at home

All I got for now....I will be continuing THE PICKS through bowl season...interesting to see the lines as I look through them more....To some NFL predictions....

  • Atlanta over Tampa.....like the Falcons at home....Tampa's offense is really pretty bad....and they've shown they can be had in the run game....
  • Houston over Tennessee....Read that again....I like Houston in the upset of the week....they are a different team at home
  • Washington over Cincy....bleh
  • Seattle over St. Louis....double bleh (Seneca Wallace!)
  • GB over Jax
  • Miami over SF
  • Indy smashes Detroit...sigh....welcome to Detroit Sam Bradford or Matt Stafford lol
  • SD over KC....I dont even know why
  • Bills over Jets....call it a feeling....Brett Favre is looking closer to 59 than 39
  • Zona over Minny
  • Carolina rushes for 550 yards and beats Denver lol
  • NE over Oakland....Jamarcus Russell for "huge, gigantic bust" continues
  • Pittsburgh over Baltimore...think the Steelers D exposes Mr. Flacco a bit
  • Dallas over New York because their backs are against the wall, Jacobs is out, and the Giants suddenly have no receivers lol
  • Philly over Cleveland and a possible record for most Ken Dorsey Faces in one game

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12/9: THE PICKS as they stand....etc...

Realizing I haven't wrapped the picks up yet this week...
YTD (Entering): 46-46-3
  • Pittsburgh +2.5....winner!
  • Atlanta +3....loser!
  • GB -5.5....Loser!
  • Alabama +10....somehow a loser!

Alabama was fairly brutal...but I suck...officially....47-49-3....I'll make it up during bowls....Which brings me to my bowl reactions.....Here they are:

  • BCS Title game: I'm very intrigued by the matchup....I think neither one of these teams stop each other....but Florida is gonna go wild on Oklahoma's D...and Bradford and Co. haven't seen a defense with as much talent and speed as Florida's....so I'm leaning that way....like the matchup
  • The Granddaddy of them all (Rose Bowl): Penn State and USC....seems like a very, nice traditional matchup to me....that said, USC blows the doors off because, of course, it's still a home game for them and they've played in about 8 rosebowls this decade or something lol
  • Fiesta: My favorite non-title game....Texas and Ohio State....now THESE are the games the "other" BCS bowls should be producing.....
  • Orange: Cincy and Va. Tech.....now THESE are the games that make people wanna abolish the BCS lol
  • Sugar: Alabama and Utah....I can't think of a better matchup for Utah in terms of watchability....Alabama shouldn't blow doors on them and Utah, for a one game scenario, could be very competitive here....and I've been on them all year....so I'm glad to see this game
  • Non-BCS games I'll be watching: Cotton- Ole miss and Texas Tech....two under-rated teams with experience and talent; very watchable; Capital One- Georgia and Michigan State....Always entertaining Big 10 vs SEC game....Georgia is INFINITELY more talented here but if they can't stop Javon Ringer, good luck.....Chick-fil-a- LSU and Georgia Tech....just to see how bad the Tech defense makes Jarrett Lee (or whoever else) look; and watch GT run for 300+ on one of those "vaunted" SEC defenses.....Sun- Oregon State and Pittsburgh....you're thinking "is he serious?" and yes I am....These are 2 teams who easily could've won their conferences and will both be legit healthy....plus these are 2 of the top 8-10 RBs in the country on the same field with McCoy and Jacquizz Rodgers....Holiday- Oregon and Oklahoma State.....there will be 100 total points scored in this game...you can quote me on that....Poinsettia- This may be the only time ever I watch this game in my lifetime....but Boise State and TCU are both very good teams...and this is a classic clash between offense and defense....2 top 15 teams as well
  • As for the rest of them....we'll see how I feel....but I'll pretend that at least half of the remaining games don't even exist....

To other things....

  • Mets reportedly sign Francisco Rodriguez to a 3-year-deal.....these closer deals never seem to work out do they? I'm hoping (as a Braves fan) this one fails too...
  • The entire National League better hope the Cubs don't get Jake Peavy....
  • Remember when I picked Carolina to win the NFC South? ::Pats self on back::
  • Remember when I picked Seattle to win the NFC West? lol
  • Kevin Durant with a ridiculous 41 and 10 last night in a loss....can we get this guy some help please? I don't want him toiling in obscurity any longer....
  • Dwight Howard laid a typical 23 and 22 on the Clips last night...he's averaging a full 3 boards and over a block more than anyone else in the league.....scary stuff
  • Josh Smith's antics as far as Mike Woodson are inherently laughable to me....I didn't understand inking Smith to a long-term deal and then subsequently re-upping Woodson who Smith hates openly....he won't even look him in the face on the sidelines....this won't get the coverage because the Hawks are going to make the playoffs....but it certainly isn't acceptable

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Big Day in the Sporting World....

Well, Saturday was quite the sporting day....let's get to it
  • Florida topples Alabama....while the 31-20 final score made it seem like a semi-comfortable victory, I would say the opposite....Alabama led in the 4th quarter and was genuinely competitive throughout....I was impressed by Florida's resolve without Percy Harvin and 31 is nothing to sneeze at (even for them) against that outstanding Alabama defense....Props to Alabama as well for showing they were legit
  • That brings us to Oklahoma demolishing Missouri....we all saw this coming....Missouri isn't very good defensively and Oklahoma may have the best offense in the entire land....AND they just hung 60+ points without an all-conference tailback (Demarco Murray went out on the opening kickoff)....I'm perfectly fine with them being put in the title game....the Big 12 tiebreaker is a sham....but in a 3-way tie, you can't just say "Texas beat Oklahoma" without saying "Texas Tech beat Texas"....Oklahoma has the best resume and has looked outstanding for about a solid month....
  • Virginia Tech wins the ACC....Raise your hand if you're excited for a Virginia Tech/Cincinnati BCS bowl matchup? Me neither....
  • Okay....so who's the Heisman winner? Sam Bradford has 1,000 more yards, 11 more total touchdowns (including 16 more passing) and less INT (on more attempts) than Colt McCoy....yes, McCoy was extremely valuable and you can't discount his running ability (and ludicrously high completion rate)....but Bradford wins the head-to-head battle.....That said....where does Tim Tebow fit in? I maintain that if he hadn't won it last year, he'd be the favorite but the built-in "no one ever wins it twice" thing is against him.... 40 total touchdowns....TWO INT....2!....It's clearly down to these 3 guys because Harrell and Crabtree will split votes for T. Tech and while Shonn Greene and Javon Ringer deserve more votes, they won't get them.....If I'm picking? Give me Bradford

To other sports....

  • Manny Pacquiao dismantles the "Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya.....Please God let that be the last time Oscar gets a huge payday and top billing...he was thoroughly overmatched by a guy who had never moved up so high in weight....he looked old and slow and almost a shell of his former self....that said, props to Manny who is a huge star in other parts of the world and if people still liked boxing, he'd blow up here too
  • Michigan downs Duke....in basketball? Muah ah ah.....Could the sleeping giant be re-emerging? lol....Some of you know that I am actually a Duke fan as well so if I had to pick a top 5 team for Michigan to beat, they wouldn't be the one....but in the end, I'm maize and blue through and through so I loved this one.....I was down on this team outside of Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims...but the freshman class that John Beilein has brought in fits his system wonderfully...I'm genuinely excited for the first time in about 6-7 years
  • Washington hires Steve Sarkisian....love this move.....They are down, down, down in recruiting and this hire should fix that....he's been the brain child behind the USC offense for years (not you, Lane Kiffin) and should energize the fan base with youth and energy
  • Marion Barber not playing today vs. Pittsburgh...umm....I'll take the Steelers lol
  • Lost in the fact that Dwyane Wade hung 38 pts, 7 dimes and 5 boards on Oklahoma City was the fact that Russell Westbrook had 30 and 7 himself.....I'm impressed
  • Get Paul Millsap some minutes! In his last 8 games, he's gone over 20 points 5 times and had 10+ rebounds in EVERY one of them....
  • I cannot, will not....should not.....defend Mike Bibby's defensive effort in allowing JJ Barea to go off in the 2nd half against the Hawks last night....inexcusable to allow a guy like Barea to nearly single-handedly beat you down the stretch....sigh
  • Dahntay Jones....27 minutes....1-8 FG.....JR Smith.....25 minuts....6-10 FG......Come on George
  • Stephen Curry is that dude....44? Again? With Lebron in attendance, no less....and the dagger he hit as a throw-away from about 28 feet was just dumb....\

A nice NFL slate today....Enjoy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Football Preview...the Return lol

Sorry I've been away....whirlwind lately....to the games starting with THE PICKS
YTD (Current): 46-46-3
  • Pittsburgh +2.5 over Uconn....I don't know any reason UConn should be favored in this game....McCoy runs wild
  • Alabama +10 over Florida....10 is just insulting....Saban keeps this close
  • Atlanta Falcons +3 over NO....New Orleans' season end last week...big-time letdown coming
  • Green Bay -5.5 over Houston.....Houston is a God-awful road team....rusty Matt Schaub playing in Lambeau.....

That's it....with the lessened College football slate....the picks will be less prevalent....

  • ACC Title Game: Boston College and Virginia Tech.....In a game that inspires no one...lol and they also win the right to go play Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl! Woo! I like BC in this game b/c Virginia Tech still can't settle the QB position
  • SEC Title Game: Alabama and Florida....You've already heard more than you need to hear about this game.....so Just know that I like Alabama to make it more of a grunge fest than normal....and this thing about Florida getting faster on turf....umm...what does turf do to Alabama then?
  • Big 12 Title Game: Oklahoma either wins by 24 or more or lays a complete egg....no in between I dont think

NFL....Really only 4 games worth discussing for me

  • Atlanta needs the win more than New Orleans does....
  • New York is just good enough to overcome the Plax distraction and lay it on Philly
  • Dallas loses in Pittsburgh....
  • Tampa and Carolina plays to a draw....lol...I kid...I like Tampa because Jake plays right into their hands with the fact that he's totally erratic

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend College Football Wrap

Greetings...First THE PICKS
YTD (Entering): 43-42-3

  • Virginia +8....Winner!
  • Oregon +3....Huge winner!
  • Notre Dame +32....Sigh...Loser!
  • Fresno +21....Huge loser!
  • Arizona Cardinals +3....loser!
  • Indy -4.5.....Loser by the half point!
  • NYG -3.5....Winner!

YTD (Current): A terrible, indefensible .500 record of 46-46-3.....sigh

To the action....

  • Cincinnati is your Big East champion....laughter ensues for me....the Big East sucks...I mention them because Pitt beating W. Virginia at home clinched this....bleh
  • Remember I told you how bad LSU is? I was right....
  • Georgia Tech over Georgia....Hurray! lol....The triple option is borderline indefensible when they have it going and they even came from behind to dispel the myth that this offense can't do that.....For my money, the best team in the ACC is GT but.....
  • Virginia Tech beats Virginia, wins the division....Sigh....you think ACC promoters want Virginia Tech and Boston College? me neither....
  • Missouri loses at home to a now 7-5 Kansas team....and I'm supposed to believe they can beat Oklahoma? Next...
  • Florida and Alabama both cruise to set up the most highly anticipated SEC Championship game in years....it's been a while since there were 2 very good teams in this game....and I think these 2 suffice....BUT the story, to me, is Florida opening as a NINE AND A HALF point favorite....that's right...the 11-1 team is laying 9.5 points on a neutral field against a 12-0 team.....THAT, my friends....is a slap in the face to Alabama....don't think Nick Saban won't use that
  • Oregon ends the Oregon State dreaming by putting up a paltry 65 on them on the road lol.....Nice D Beavers....better luck next year

And now to the debate gripping the nation lol......Ya know what? I'm not angered by the BCS placing Oklahoma over Texas.....Wanna know why? It's the Big 12's fault people! Nobody forced them to use it as the tiebreaker.....and when a huge weight of the system is computers that CAN'T SEE THAT TEXAS BEAT OKLAHOMA......that's what you get......when you look at the schedules....Oklahoma has the much better resume....

  • Non-conference wns over: Big East Champ Cincy (by 26 no less), BCS Top 12 team TCU by 25
  • And highly impressive blow-outs over Texas Tech by 44 and in-state rival (on the road) Oklahoma State by 20

Ready for Texas's schedule?

  • Non-conference wins.....Florida Atlantic, UTEP, and Rice.....Yes, you read that correctly....not a credible one in the bunch
  • Yes, They beat Oklahoma...and that does count for something....but it was a back-and-forth affair and they didn't blow out a single credible team all year outside of paper tiger Missouri

Personally....if I had a vote....I vote Texas in the human polls....but that said....you can't ignore the fact that entirety of Oklahoma's resume is miles better.....They beat Cincinnati and TCU HANDILY....the #11 and #13 teams in this nation....out of conference....and didn't so much as struggle in ANY other game aside from Texas....Just take a step back.....

  • Oh....and by the way.....If you haven't noticed or been notified....Florida has pretty bad computer rankings.....so Florida beating Bama suddenly isn't so lock-ish for the #1 or #2 BCS seed....Can you imagine Texas vs. Oklahoma? lol....oh yea...and the REASON that Florida's Computer rankings are bad....is because...WAIT FOR IT....... THE SEC IS DOWN! NO one will tell you this....you won't hear it....but it's patently true.....your 3rd best SEC team? Georgia.....who lost to the 3 best teams they played and who's best win was over a bad LSU team....your 4th best team? How bout OLE MISS!??!?......Look at some of the standard-bearers for the SEC....LSU? 7-5 and they've looked worse than that, plus they have the SEC's worst QB......Auburn? 5-7.....Tennessee? 5-7......And please don't give me the "they beat up on each other" argument this year, it's just a cover for having many of your top programs in the toilet all at once.....Thank you SEC homers.....please don't refer to the fact that your conference is down while at the same time yelling and screaming about how the Big 10 and Pac-10 are so bad....and thank you to the country who will let this go unsaid....but not here....
  • This brings me to my all-important rant of the day.....

Listen to me BCS bashers and ESPECIALLY advocates of the "Plus-One".....If you were to set up a plus-one system....what happens if, at the end of the bowls, there is a 13-0 or even 14-0 SEC or Big 12 school that has dominated the competition....that must be forced to play the #2 team in the country....who say, finishes 11-2.....What if the 11-2 team wins? Who wins the title? The 14-1 SEC team who just lost or the 12-2 team who's season was much worse? Who wins then?

How bout this? If you have a 4-team playoff this year....who goes? Somebody in the SEC title game has to lose on Saturday....do you punish a 12-1 Alabama team if they lose to Florida and keep them out of a 4-team playoff? Who gets left out between non-conference champ Texas and USC? Is Utah invited? How bout 11-1 Penn State or Texas Tech? WE'D BE ARGUING ANYWAY....

  • Moral of the story? If you don't wanna argue about mythical champions or "who is better".....pick another sport....It's not going anywhere....and that's what makes College Football as popular as it is

I'm a day behind....NFL Wrap tomorrow