Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6/19: Ramblings

Greetings all... no NBA game last night, but we're here... let's go...

  • Roger Clemens was acquitted of all charges. Forgive me while I go back to sleep like I was throughout this trial.
  • The Braves dropped their 7th game out of 8 in a 6-2 loss to the Yankees last night. CC Sabathia went the distance for New York allowing 7 hits and striking out 10 guys, while Mike Minor struggled through 5 innings of 4-run ball. Minor was actually quite good early but his command failed him after about 3 innings and it got a little bit ugly. At 35-32 it's a little early for panic, but there is one reason to be frightened....
  • .... and that is that Brandon Beachy has a partial tear of his UCL in his pitching elbow. What does that mean? Basically, it's usually followed by surgery and a year-long absence. This is a crushing  blow to an already weakened staff as Beachy was unquestionably a top-3 guy in the rotation and had been the best pitcher overall so far this season. The move to put Medlen back in the bullpen looks even more questionable now, and the Braves now must fill 3 rotation spots between Delgado, Minor, Jurrjens, Teheran, Redmond and Medlen. Yep.
  • The Charlotte Bobcats have hired St. John's assistant coach Mike Dunlap as their head coach. Yes, you read that right. Michael Jordan and company have tabbed a college assistant as an NBA head coach. On the one hand, this is a hilarious move from a previously inept organization, but on the other hand, don't we always hear about how there are too many re-treads in NBA coaching? Dunlap is reportedly pretty innovative and I'm sure he blew MJ away in interviews, but at least this is a gamble instead of hiring Terry Stotts or something.
  • Former Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger has been "flagged" by doctors for a back issue just 10 days or so before the NBA draft. There have always been questions about Sullinger's athleticism at the next level, but with a back issue on top of that, he'll likely fall a little bit. Here's a great time to point out that the draft is in less than 2 weeks. Be advised.
  • RA Dickey is from outer-space. The Mets knuckleballer threw a second consecutive 1-hitter last night. Back-to-back! He's won 9 straight decisions, 6 straight starts overall, and now leads the majors in ERA (2.00), strikeouts (103 after 13 last night), and complete games. Where did this even come from?! At any rate, he's been insane, and there's no end in sight.
What to watch for on Tuesday...
  • NBA Finals Game 4 - Thunder @ Heat - 9:00 ABC - Game 4 is upon us and this is a big one for OKC. If they go down 3-1, no team has ever won in the finals down 3-1 and I'd imagine OKC doesn't want to give that a whirl. I could see a full-scale explosion from Durant tonight coming off the tough game in Game 3, but we're in for an entertaining game regardless.
  • MLB - Braves @ Yankees - 7:00 SportSouth - Hudson vs. Kuroda - It's funny because these two pitchers are almost mirror images. Both guys have low WHIPs, both guys don't strike many people out, and both guys are very, very good pitchers. The Braves need a win here, and Hudson gets the charge. 

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