Friday, June 8, 2012

6/8: The Lebron James Show

Greetings all...

  • I covered the Heat/Celtics game last night over at Soaring Down South and you can find the link here: Let me just say this again in short fashion. Lebron James put on one of the best performances I've ever seen on an NBA court last night. 45 points and 15 rebounds for the King, and I'm dead serious when I tell you that he called off the dogs in the 2nd half to not score 55-60 points. The entire arsenal was on display, and Boston had no shot. Wow. For a more in-depth take, check out the link above.
  • The Atlanta Braves won a game that Mike Minor started! An 8-2 victory in Miami over the Marlins and Minor was pretty respectable. The young lefty allowed just 1 earned run which is tremendous even in 5 innings, but be aware that he still allowed 5 hits and 4 walks in that time period and snuck away with less runs than he likely should've allowed. Michael Bourn continued his power surge (what!?) with his 6th homer of the season, and Jason Heyward popped 2 home runs in raising his OPS to near .780. Another nice win.
  • The New Orleans Saints reportedly "made another offer" to Drew Brees. I'm confused as to how this is front-page news, but because it is everywhere, I figured I'd comment. I firmly believe he'll be in camp by the start of "real" training camp sessions, so it's a non-story for me. Moving along.
  • MLB Check - David Price got his AL-best 8th win in beating the Yankees at the stadium last night. Price is perpetually underrated (as are the entire Rays roster) and should be considered a top-15 pitcher in the majors. Clay Buchholz threw an unexpected 4-hit shutout at home against Baltimore. Even after the shut-out, his ERA is 5.77 (which should indicate how bad it was previously) but for one night, he had it going. And finally, the Oakland A's beat Texas 7-1 to clinch a rare series victory over the AL's best team. Trouble in Arlington?
  • Chad Ochocinco is a free agent. The former Bengals star WR was released by the Patriots on Thursday after they failed to trade him due to lack of market. He simply couldn't get open in 2011, and when he did, he didn't produce. I think he'll get picked by someone in August, but I'd actually be surprised if he was better than a #4-#5 receiver for someone at this stage.
What to watch for on Friday...
  • NBA - 2012 Draft Combine - ESPNU 10:00 am - This is for die-hard hoop fans only, but we can watch the next class of NBA rookies go to work in Chicago at the pre-draft camp. You know I'm in.
  • Soccer (Futbol) - Euro 2012 - ESPN 11:30 am - The 2nd-biggest tournament in the world (I'm told) is starting tomorrow as the battle for European supremacy gets underway. If you like soccer, this is high-level stuff.
  • MLB - Mets @ Yankees - MLB 7:00 - Santana vs. Kuroda - All eyes on Johan Santana as he follows up the Mets first-ever no-hitter from last week in the Subway series. This is one of the better things about Inter-league play.
  • MLB - Blue Jays @ Braves - Peachtree-TV 7:30 - Drabek vs. Beachy - The synergy of Kyle Drabek starting a game in Atlanta on the weekend that the 1992 Braves celebrate their 20-year anniversary is crazy. Do you know who the starting pitcher was in Game 7 of the NLCS aka the night that Sid slid? It was Kyle's dad, Doug. Also, John Smoltz's #29 will be raised up for eternity in Turner Field during a pre-game ceremony. Good stuff.


J Dot said...

One sentence at the end of the post for Smoltzy? Come on B-rad, and how about some love for the defense being played by the Braves. Simmons is nasty.

Brad said...

Simmons is going to be a gold-glove level guy on defense. No question. I'm not sure he'll ever hit at all, but give me the defense at that spot anyway.