Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Week 1 Preview

Greetings all... Not going to break down every game... I don't think you need me to break down Denver/Jacksonville... I just don't... so I picked a few games...
  • Indy/Houston 1:00 pm - These 2 should battle for the division all year, and I like that they get started going at it in Week 1... the gang is all back for Indy... Manning/Addai/Brown/Wayne/Garcon/Clark... that's a staple... and you know Peyton will be ready... Houston is more of a toss-up, even with the Schaub/Johnson combo back, they have a new RB who's getting big-time attention in Arian Foster, a healing tight end in Owen Daniels, and a WR battle opposite Andre between Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter... I think Houston makes some plays on offense, and even gets some heat on Peyton early, but they lost Dunta Robinson in the offseason... they'll need him against Peyton (lol)... I like Indy\
  • Falcons/Steelers 1:00 pm - You know the storyline... no Roethlisberger for Pitt... Dennis Dixon is a guy that I'm high on... he's multi-dimensional, an accurate passer, and Atlanta has trouble with pass-rush... he's a clear upgrade IMO over Leftwich when you factor Pitt's O-line, and that worked out well for them.... for Atlanta, Ryan/Turner/White are the triplets at the skill guys, and there's been an infusion of speed/youth on defense with Dunta Robinson, Weatherspoon, Biermann, Jerry, and company joining the unit (or being promoted)... On the road at Pittsburgh will be a nice test for what people think Matt Ryan has or hasn't become... and I like the Falcons in the game...
  • Cincy/New England 1:00 pm - Maybe my favorite game... I'm incredibly high on the Cincy defense... yes, the defense... that unit you never about... they were dominant at times in 2009, sport 2 stud corners in Hall and Joseph, and get their #1 pass-rusher back in Odom.. now that that's out of the way, I like NE in the game... Brady is in eff-you mode (and the car accident won't slow him), and Welker looks virtually 100%... Cincy doesn't have the speed on offense to take advantage of the Pats' weaknesses, and New England can throw on anyone...
  • GB/Philly 4:00 pm - Welcome to your new role Kevin Kolb... you get the most talented team in the NFC (IMO)... enjoy it...
  • Dallas/Washington - I hope Donovan plays and is 100% because that would be a letdown... Tons of hype around Dallas (as usual) and it centers around Romo/Jones/Austin... I'm not sold on any of those 3.. I think we know Romo is good, but he's never strapped them to his back... Jones is violently injury-prone and has never been dominant, and Miles Austin has flash-in-the-pan tendencies... we'll find out more on Sunday night... Washington needs a playmaker on offense... there are whispers that Portis is bouncing around, but he's 29 years old, and Moss is getting up there too... that's the biggest ? for Washington... I like Dallas because we know more about what will see the field
  • Jets/Ravens - I just hope Baltimore smashes them... but at the same time, there's been an abundance of Ravens hype too... maybe they will collide and combust? I don't know...
Quickly... my picks for the week

Miami over Buffalo
Tennessee over Oakland
Jax over Denver
NYG over Carolina
Indy over Houston
ATL over Dennis Pittsburgh
Cleveland over TB
NE over Cincy
Detroit over CHI (Upset of the week)
GB over Philly
Seattle over San Fran
STL over Arizona (Upset #2)
Dallas over Washington
NYJ over B-More
SD over KC

The Lines! (1-2 last week, with 2 pending on the CFB preview post)
  • Miami -3 over Buffalo... I know it's a road favorite.. but I can safely bet against Trent Edwards
  • Jacksonville - 3 over Denver... MJD is healthy, and I'm piling on Denver... they are going to stink... don't say I didn't warn you...
Okay that'll do it... Enjoy the first jam-packed weekend of games... it's about that time

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