Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday's Wild Card Weekend!

Hey everyone..its everybody's favorite substitute sports teacher Ryan filling in for Brad for the weekend. Enough about me..its that time of the playoffs..and games that actually matter on a Saturday(Small shot at college but whatever).

Saints@Seahawks 4:30pm
Well this is a bit of a mismatch..not really because the Saints are "great" this time around but more so because the Seahawks aren't very good.We all know about the 7-9,being the first sub .500 team blah blah blah...One thing I thought the Seahawks could do was slow the run..well Pierre Thomas nor Chris Ivory won't be playing any playoff football this Reggie Bush and Julius Jones would be the only guys "running." that means the Drew Brees show will commence by throwing all over the field..which isn't a strong suit for my Seahawks.If Seattle can slow the Saints by simply keeping them off the field..I think that would give them a slither of hope.Hasselbeck did throw for 366yds and a 1TD against them in New Orleans so its not like they can't be thrown on.But when it comes down to it I think that the Saints will still prevail despite the keep off the field tactics of Seattle.

Saints over Seahawks

Jets@Colts 8pm
This is a weird matchup for me.I was back and forth mainly because of the Jets. The Jets have all the talent in the world,especially on the offensive side but yet...they are more than capable of putting up single digit points.So with that being said you'll never quite know which team shows up:the one that goes to Pittsburgh and wins 22-17 or the one that loses at home to Miami 10-6...right..well on the other side of the ball is Peyton Manning,heard of him?...yeah..the Colts and Manning have won their last 4 games just to hold off the Jags to get into the playoffs.Anything that the Colts will do offensively will have to come at the hands of Manning.The run game is shaky but if you're looking for a throw and its a'll throw you off a bit.Factor in the dome aspect and when it comes down to it I would rather trust Manning over Sanchez even though the Jets have more talent and have less injuries..sorry..they have to show me.

Colts over Jets

Whew...that was tiring..I'll be back tomorrow with predictions for tomorrow's game and maybe some breakdown of yesterday..we'll see.Enjoy the Saturday everyone.

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