Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wild Card Weekend Part 2!

You're still reading this?...It's Ryan again day 2 of substitute teaching and...soooo..yeah I went 0-2 in my picks..but its been a while picking games..I'll credit it towards being rusty.Anyways he's a small recap of what the hell happened yesterday.

Seahawks over Saints 41-36 I'll say as a Seahawk fan that is the best game we've played against a top team in years.Hasselbeck played as good as any QB in the league with some of the throws he was making out there.The Saints defense had nothing for him at all and it showed. But I was also surprised that the defense played as well as it did.They gave up alot of yards but they swarmed and didn't give up the big play which helps tremendously. The run game for New Orleans was....not so great..which is why Brees throw 60 times(yes 60).Great great win for Seattle and to dry up all the laughter from everyone..its not so funny now lol.

Jets over Colts 17-16
This came down to the last play which makes for an interesting game right? 1st half was a sleeper..mainly doing the field position thing..the 4th quarter was the standout but really the Jets were able to run the ball effectively(LT 82yds 2TDs,Greene 70yds) and Sanchez played just okay(again) and it was enough.Peyton didn't really throw like I thought he would(26 attempts) but that was the pass coverage of the Jets doing their thing I suppose.Anytime you look at the boxscore and see Wayne 1 catch for 1yd...something was up.Very clutch kicking on both sides though.

And onto today's action

Baltimore@Kansas City
I think going into this game I was on the fence..until Kansas City laid down to Oakland in the last game of the season..that tempered my expectations for them even though they were 7-1 at home(although the schedule was a little on the cakey side) I looked back at their schedule to see whom they've beaten to get to 10 wins...well..Seattle and Indy are he only playoff teams they've played(Beat Seattle) and they've only played one team over .500...ew..I can't hold confidence in that..but on the other side Baltimore isn't without fault..their cornerbacks could be alot better but when you have top ballhawk Ed Reed back helps..the front 7 is stout(I like saying that) but if Baltimore can stay away from being overaggressive and having mental breakdowns..they should have it in the bag.
Ravens over Chiefs

Green Bay@Philly
This is the heavyweight matchup in my eyes in the Wild Card round. Two of the top QBs in the league going at it as well as top defenses in the way trying to stop them.Going on Green Bay's side the run game could be a little better as well as their special teams..far too many times this year one or both of those have held Green Bay back from winning games. But if the run game is solid it will keep Rodgers from being the only running option and keep him doing what he does best which is throw the ball all over the field.On the other end just Mike Vick..the most unique,dynamic weapon to ever play in the NFL.Everything has to fall off of this guy in order for Philly to win.He is the literal engine that drives them and has to be protected in the pocket in order for him to excel there as well.Against Minnesota they tagged him pretty good(6 sacks and 2 fumbles) and made him throw 43 times..thats a good recipe..and I think that Green Bay will be the team to do it.
Packers over Eagles

If yesterday was any indication of how the games will be I wouldn't miss a second of what is in store for today..enjoy everyone.

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