Monday, May 2, 2011

5/2 Good With The Bad

Good morning's the substitute teacher Ryan again filling in for Brad...let's recap what happened Sunday alright?..

  • Heat beat Celtics 99-90..where it was kinda close..but not really that close if you follow me..every time Boston would make a small run to get nearby,Miami would separate themselves once again. Wade definitely came to play with 38pts and Lebron had 22pts(Bosh 7pts 3-10fg) and the role player to swing things was James Jones.He had 25pts(Five 3's and 10 ft attempts) and was seemingly open alot somehow lol. On Boston's end Ray Allen led with 25 and Pierce had 19 and was tossed mid 4th with a terrrrrrrrrrrrible 2nd tech..happens..Two players who will have to do much better is Rondo(8pts/3-10fg) and KG(6pts /3-9fg)..Rondo has to kill Bibby and Chalmers..has to.
  • I won't be covering Thunder/Grizzlies but the Grizz won 114-101.
  • Boston finally beats Seattle 3-2...Jenks blew the save and Ichiro lost the ball in the sun to get the win but its all the same in the win/loss column..King Felix was motoring with 10Ks
  • Speaking of blown saves..both St Louis and Atlanta blew one in the same game but Atlanta came around off the clutch bat of Brooks Conrad(Was that a joke?..not sure)..Lowe went 5 innings and gave up 4 ERs...I don't think I have a DUI related joke to toss there..just noting.
  • A seamless transition into the suspending of Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell for 2 light for the stuff that was said..I'm not one to call for firings but considering the homophobic nature in a city like San Fran has to do something there..
  • In a lack of transitions...Andre Either extended his hitting streak to 27 games.
  • And lastly the Mets outlast the Phillies 2-1 in 14 gets a little overshadowed by the killing of Osama bin Laden(not going there,not why you're here) but yeah..was interesting to hear the crowd all of a sudden chant U-S-A during the game..
What to watch for today

  • Yankees at Tigers 7:05pm ESPN Colon vs Verlander..why is this..a good matchup? lol
  • Brewers at Braves 7:10pm FSS Gallardo vs Jurrjens..should be a good one
  • Hawks at Bulls(Game 1) 8pm TNT Hinrich is out so I don't know who gets the job of "slowing" Derrick Rose
  • Mavs at Lakers(Game 1) 10:30pm TNT This will mark the first EVER time where Dirk and Kobe met in the playoffs..crazy right?..I know..I know..
Have fun everyone..

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