Saturday, April 30, 2011

4/30 Down Goes Frazier

Since Brad is on a "vacation" a subsitute teacher is needed..and it's me Ryan filling in for a little bit..not alot to cover but let's try

  • Well I guess you may have heard that the Grizzlies finished off the Spurs last night 99-91.And yeah..the way they won was the way they've won the other 3 games..rebounding..a team that gets more rebounds will have more chances to's simple as that. Glossing over the box score other than Randolph no one really went off..but the team shot 52%..Duncan had 12 and 10 and Jefferson is just getting to the game as you read this..I really have no idea how he pulled a complete no-show all the way through..anyways..the Grizz move on.
  • In the MLB world..Nationals' Jason Marquis out dueled Tim Linceum to toss a compete game shutout...didn't see that one coming..Braves lose in extras to the Cards 5-3...more bullpen issues this time in the hands of trusted reliever Kimbrel..gotta win the close Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim roughed up David Price for 5 runs in 4.1 innings in route to a 8-5 victory.
What to watch today

  • Braves/Cardinals Fox 1:10pm
  • Baltimore/Chicago White Sox WGN 7:10pm
  • Seattle/Boston MLB Network 7:10pm

Its a light day today..get outside and do something..have fun everyone.

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