Monday, October 3, 2011

10/3: One-Thought Football Wrap

Greetings... no more than 1 thought per game... GO...

  • Michigan/Minnesota - The Michigan offense is really, really scary
  • Georgia/Miss St. - Georgia still has an obscene amount of athletes
  • A&M/Arkansas - Bobby Petrino can coach college offense as well as anyone (and I hate him)
  • LSU/Kentucky - Mathieu is the scariest defender in the country
  • Mich St./Ohio St. - Putrid on both sides! I loved it!
  • Baylor/K-State - The end of the Robert Griffin heisman campaign... and that's not his fault
  • Georgia Tech/NC State - The triple option is beautiful to watch when it's going
  • Auburn/So. Car - No one should ever trust Stephen Garcia
  • Clemson/VT - Uhh... didn't see that coming, Clemson looks legit
  • Wisconsin/Neb - Wisconsin is the real deal... Russell Wilson makes them a nat'l title contender
  • Alabama/Florida - Best defense in the land runs wild... frightening
  • Detroit/Dallas - Epic collapse by Dallas... Romo being Romo...
  • Pittsburgh/Houston - the offense is officially an issue in Pittsburgh (read: O-Line)
  • Carolina/Chicago - Cam Newton is real, even in the loss
  • KC/Minny - Someone is worse than the Chiefs!
  • Cincy/Buffalo - Now we can take a step back on Buffalo... but they didn't play well and competed still
  • Tenn/Cleveland - Ew... but the return of Chris Johnson to form is nice
  • Wash/St. Louis - Guess I should write off the Rams...?
  • San Fran/Philly - Dream team reboot... but Alex Smith deserves props for leading this one (bleh)
  • NO/Jacksonville - Ugly road wins...
  • Atlanta/Seattle - The Falcon defense is an issue... that became official as T-Jax marched up and down the field in the 2nd half
  • NYG/Arizona - the Cards pass D is an abomination...
  • NE/Oakland - Ugly (-ish) road wins...
  • Green Bay/Denver - the offensive gauntlet was laid...
  • SD/Miami - Ugly home wins!... and Miami's offense stinks out loud...
  • Baltimore/NY Jets - Bad football... but the Jets running game is extinct until further notice...
Enjoy... Stay tuned for some baseball thoughts (I hope) later in the day

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