Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/12 Playoff Races and Hockey?!!?

Hello there everyone..I'm Ryan pinch-hitting for Bradley for the next couple of days.Enough about me,time to start recapping..

Touching on MLB
  • My Angels lost to the Twins 6-5 (The Angels will never lead so here's the nod from me lol) Weaver didn't have his best stuff but was still in line for the win, but the bullpen(no names *cough* Takahashi *cough*) blew it and Minny never looked back.
  • In more local news the Braves win!.., Braves win 6-3 over Astros!... remember when the torches were lit and the city was in panic?... yeah me neither... but yeah the win streak is 2 and Jason Heyward went yard and 3-4 overall... he's good... he should play more often..seems simple.
  • James Shields outduels Justin Verlander to a tune to 4-2. Verlander had it going for 8 solid innings and the Rays eventually tagged him with 4 runs in the 9th. Maybe they hung onto him a little longer than he could go but thats the risk you run when having an a great player on the hill. Regardless the ever wild Fernando Rodney closed the door for the save.
  • Nats win over Mets 4-0... Theres no way this one cracks the national (See what I did there?) interest normally but these two teams are leading the NL East for these next few days oh and Johan and Strasburg is a matchup anyone would want to see. Both pitched to a virtual draw through 6 innings but the Mets bullpen decided to blow the small margin into a big one. Of the 5 guys who came in (no more than an inning) three gave up a run... not a winning formula.
  • Toronto 3, Boston 1... Escobar was the difference in this one (Braves fans! essentially knocking in Rajai Davis whenever he got on base(they settled on just twice) and Romero pitched a great game giving up only 3 hits and 1 run in 8.1 innings. Lester pitched very well too but didn't get enough from the bats. I'm down on the Red Sox this year and this start of how they are losing is only making me semi right so far. I'm sure they aren't this bad... patience.
In the NBA...
  • The Knicks outlast the Bucks to a tune to 111-107. This was a close game until about a minute left and the Bucks just couldn't make a play to score the ball. Carmelo led the way with 32/10 and Chandler had 19/11. On Milwaukee's side Monta had 35/10/6/4 and Jennings chipped in with 22 and 7..after that?...yikes.Milwaukee is drifting into the territory of being the odd man out of the playoff race being 2 games back now.
  • The Paper Clips beat the former Seattle Supersonics 100-98.....Paul had 31 and 6 rebs...moving on
  • No Kobe? problem!..the Lakers drum the Spurs in San Antonio 98-84. Andrew Bynum had 30(yes more than 29 less than 31) rebounds! that again..30 rebounds..he also shot 7-20 from the field(ew for a post player) but when you have 30 boards..its fine. World Peace(lol) had 26 and Pau had 21/11.
  • Celtics beat Hawks 88-86 in overtime without Ray Allen..I didn't count jumpers from Josh Smith(but I bet he took more than 4) but he had 20/11/5..Rondo had another triple double(10 pts,20 asts,10 rebs) and KG had another vintage night to the tune of 22 and 12.
Hockey time!

The Flyers make a statement in game 1 coming from down 3-0 and winning 4-3 in OT..Crosby looked pretty good(you know with the concussion stuff) but after the 1st period it went all downhill from there.

Nashville hangs on over the Red Wings 3-2..the winner of this matchup is a pretty trendy pick to come out of the west..something to look for.

And the Kings take out the Canucks 4-2

Personally I think Vancouver and Pittsburgh will make the finals but just one man's opinion..rough start for both.

What to watch!

Reds/Nationals or Rays Tigers-1pm MLBTV..mid day baseball

Marlins/Phillies 7pm MLBTV..Buehrle vs

Heat/Bulls 8pm Bulls are on every other day eh?..if Rose plays it'll be watchable

Mavs/Warriors 10:30 TNT..this could be competitive?..maybe...

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