Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Major Announcement...

Greetings everyone... I teased this announcement this morning, so I'm delivering on it now...

I have taken a staff writing position over at www.soaringdownsouth.com. It is an Atlanta Hawks blog centered on the Fansided blog network, and I'm thrilled about becoming a contributor to that site.

What does it mean for this blog? Not a lot of change! I will likely tone down my Hawks coverage in this space (to save it for SDS), but I'll still be here hitting on topics throughout the sports landscape, so don't fear (all 2 of you that actually were), I'm still here.

Thanks for your continued patronage, and please check me and the other guys out over at Soaring Down South!

1 comment:

Yuuuuuuu said...

Yuuu da man!
I am proud of you.

Give us a prediction on the basketball playoffs. Its the only part of the season that matters.

Also a little bit more love for the best team in baseball.