Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13 Close Games and Randomness

Hello again!..Ryan still filling in for the work-ladened Brad...enjoy the Big Easy lol..anyways let's get the the news

  • Indians and Johnny Damon reach a deal for $1.25 million.Since Grady Sizemore can't be relied upon to play consistently(he's hurt now) they need another option and he certainly is idea how no one took a shot at him,he can still play.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge has "season" ending surgery on his hip..he's expected to be out a few months.Anytime I see the words "Blazers" and "Surgery" in the same sentence I cringe and expect the worst..god I hope I'm wrong..
And in actual playing news...

  • Madison Bumgarner had a no-hit bid ended in the 6th inning against the Rockies but still got the win 4-2.Seriously can we take a moment and look at the randomness of Jamie Moyer?..he pitched 5.2 innings,gave up 2 runs and is 49 years old!!..amazing honestly.
  • Zach Greinke got lit up for 8 runs by the Chicago I have to say whether the Brew Crew won or not?...of course not..Matt Garza got all but 1 out in the game and could barely be touched.
  • And my Halos blew another game in the late innings(I'm sensing a trend here) to the Twins 10-9. This bullpen issue isn't going to go away and it needs to be settled before games get tight.
And in the NBA
  • The Bulls beat the Heat 96-86 in OT behind Kyle Korver's 17 and Boozer's 19 and 11..oh "did Rose play?" you ask?....yes..he went 1-13 from the field and scored 2 pts and was fairly ineffective and didn't play much in the 4th and none in overtime.It's always interesting when the reigning MVP doesn't play or play well and they can still beat top teams..makes you wonder about how valuable Rose really is...but thats for another time.The Heat got 71 points from Lebron/Wade/Bosh and scored 86 if you're scoring at home 15 points from the other 6 guys.That's not going to get it done now(clearly) and definitely in the playoffs.They need more production or else one of those big 3 has to have an worldly performance every night..which isn't fair to expect.
  • The Grizz lost to the Spurs 107-97.Tim Duncan lead the way with 28 and 11 and Manu chipped in 20 off the bench..I can't wait for the playoffs and these teams get a rematch.
For the hockey heads
  • Boston beat Washington 1-0 in OT
  • NY Rangers beats up Ottawa 4-2
  • San Jose beat St Louis 3-2 in 2OT
  • Phoenix beat Chicag0 3-2 in OT
What to watch for this weekend

  • Atlanta/Orlando(NBA) 7pm SportsSouth
  • Phoenix/Houston(NBA) 8pm ESPN
  • Cubs/Cardinals(MLB) 3:15pm WGN
  • Braves/Brewers(MLB) 7:35pm PeachtreeTV
  • Regional Coverage (Cubs/Cardinals,Rangers/Twins or Angels/Yankees) 1:05pm Fox
  • Braves/Brewers(MLB) 7:10pm
  • D'Backs/Rockies 8:10pm MLBTV
  • Phoenix/San Antonio(NBA) 9pm ESPN
  • Brewers/Braves(MLB) 1:35pm
  • Rays/Red Sox(MLB) 1:35pm TBS
  • Angels/Yankees(MLB) 8:05 ESPN
  • Miami/New York(NBA) 1pm ABC
  • Dallas/LA Lakers(NBA) 3:30pm ABC

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