Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/21: A Braves Heartbreaker

Greetings! First "daily" post in a while... let's go...

  • Nationals 5, Braves 4 (13 innings) - After both teams went scoreless from the 6th through 12th innings, Dan Uggla came up small with the glove in allowing the game-winning run in the 13th. It was yet another poor first inning from Tim Hudson that accounted for all of the Nats scoring before the 13th, as he allowed 4 earned runs in the opening frame before settling down. The rest of the bullpen pitched extremely well but the bats couldn't awaken enough to steal a victory. The next 2 games are critical to any Braves' chances at the division, and anything short of taking both will likely mean the end of that dream.
  • Augusta National added its first female members yesterday. All that needs to be said about this is that it is about time, and it really shouldn't have taken this long. Done and done. 
  • Michael Vick got hurt again in a preseason game last night. There are reports this morning that his ribs aren't broken, so that's a plus for Philly, but at a certain point, the injuries become comical and make it tough for them to rely on him. 
  • Ryan Tannehill named the Dolphins starter at QB. Let me say this. There's always one guy that I'm vehemently against in every draft, and this year it's Tannehill. I won't say he'll be as bad as my most famous pick in this category (Jamarcus Russell), but I don't see him ever being a solid NFL starter.
What to watch for on Tuesday...
  • Braves @ Nationals - 7:00 SportSouth - Maholm vs. Strasburg - On the bright side? The Braves have been historically decent against Strasburg. I'm trying.

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