Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Return

Greetings all! I'm back from the hiatus... and while this will be short, things are going to rev up in a big way in the coming days as football approaches and baseball winds down. Let's go...

  • USA 119, Australia 86 - This game was a lot more competitive than the final score indicates, but Kobe Bryant went absolutely nuts, hitting 6 threes (basically in a row) in the second half and putting them away. We learned two things last night about the USA hoops team. 1) Lebron James is incredible (okay, well, we didn't "learn" that, but he reinforced it)... and 2) Kobe Bryant is capable of shooting the US out of a game or back into a game. If there's one weak link of the squad, it's the lack of size, but if there's a second? I think it's Kobe's belief that he's still the best player, and the team's willingness to lift up that belief. At any rate, it's another blowout win and onto the semifinals.
  • The PGA Championship starts today. Did you know that? Is there any coverage of a major championship? You have to know that golf enthusiasts are hating the fact that the PGA is going head-to-head with the olympics, baseball, and NFL preseason, right? Anyway, Tiger takes aim at his first major in a few years. 
  • Braves 12, Phillies 6 - Tim Hudson had a mid-inning implosion, but other than that, the big story is Dan Uggla's 3-for-4 game. It's great to see him squaring the ball up all of the sudden, and if he hit one of his patented 6-week hot streaks right now, that would be huge.
That's all for now... stay tuned and enjoy!

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