Friday, August 17, 2012


Greetings all...

Chipper Jones added to his legendary status last night with 2 home runs including his 2700th hit on the second one. All on a night where his likeness was covered on bobble heads throughout the stadium. Doesn't he ALWAYS come up with something big in this type of spot?

Let me say this: I have never, ever been a "Chipper Jones guy". His personality for the majority of his career has never meshed with me. That said, there's something undeniable about his impact, and with age, I've come to enjoy him as a leader. Oh, and being a no-doubt hall of famer probably helps too.

I should mention that Kris Medlen tossed a complete game shutout last night. We're at the point where he CANNOT come out of the rotation. Pitch for your spot, Tommy and Mike.


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