Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod, Al Jefferson, etc.

A couple pressing issues force me into the blogging world....
  • A-Rod admits it....well that didn't take long...but he gave a 3-year period which is sort of shocking we just act like those 3 years never happened stat-wise? What happens? I honestly dont know...but I've been saying he should just apologize....goes away faster, just ask andy pettitte and others
  • Al Jefferson tears ACL....well he may be the best young big in the league so this is certainly big news....yes, their season didn't matter...but hopefully a full recovery and his game
  • Sir Charles back to TNT after the ASG....good to see you Charles....but the thing is...they didn't miss a beat with Gary Payton and Chris you relegate them back to NBA-TV?
  • Sasha Pavlovic out 6 weeks...this is sort of big for Cleveland from a depth issue....but the HILARIOUS thing about this is....this story....was actually AHEAD of the Al Jefferson ACL tear on the ESPN, you ask?! I have absolutely no earthly idea...

In a hurry, so there you are

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