Sunday, February 1, 2009

All-Star Rant, Football HOF, Some basketball, etc.

First of all....if you missed it, my Super Bowl preview is below.....check for to the day at hand..... (AND please excuse the lack of Australian Open coverage as I'm typing this before it's being played, but this will post after it's over most likely)
  • PLEASE forgive the lateness of this....but I HAVE to rant on the NBA All-Star selections...Kevin Durant not making the all-star team (in favor of Tony Parker who has missed 10 games, David West who has been mediocre all year, and Pau Gasol) is an absolute TRAVESTY.....literally I couldn't be angrier....what does he have to do? His roster is abysmal, yes....but since when does 25 and 7 not get you on the all-star team? 5th in the league in scoring? My God.....and that's really my only major gripe....but Al Jefferson should definitely be there in place of David West or Pau Gasol (i'd go with West).....and for this, I'm taking a stand in honor of my friend Ryan and full boycotting the game on principle....okay I'm done now.....and yes, I'll still cover it, just won't watch it
  • Bruce Smith, Randall McDaniel, Rod Woodson, Derrick Thomas, Ralph Wilson, and Bob Hayes.....all make the HOF.....all deserving....the REAL issue here is Cris Carter NOT(!) getting in....are you freaking kidding me? He's in the top 5 receivers of all time....2nd all-time in catches....if he isn't a First-ballot guy, I really don't know who is...I'm lost?
  • Georgia Tech knocks off Wake Forest.....the now 10-10 (and my hometown) Yellow Jackets pull off a stunner here....Gani Lawal is legit to be honest, but nobody saw this coming....
  • Forgive me....Serena Williams wins the Aussie Open....there's the mention.....and that's it lol
  • Pitt's DeJuan Blair throws up a ho-hum 23 and 22 on all-american Luke Harangody (who incidentally had 27 and 11 to continue his flat-out ludicrous numbers on the year) and Notre Dame loses their 5th in a row (granted all to ranked teams)....but inexcusable honestly
  • Just an update from the Super Bowl preview.....I overlooked Pittsburgh's ABYSMAL kick coverage....yes, I know I did this....BUT it changes nothing for me....Steve Breaston is an effective kick returner but hasn't shown the touchdown-return ability in the NFL (so far) so I'll chalk it up....Pick stays the same
  • Jerry Reinsdorf calls the Bulls season a Jerry? Big limb there? lol....That's what happens when you amass a team who's 3 best players are all between 6'2 and 6'4....and don't have a single guy with an ability to score at the 4 and 5 spots....

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