Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/1: Gronk, Hoops, etc.

Greetings all...
  • Stop me if you've heard about this in the last two days (insert laughter), but Rob Gronkowski is day-to-day with a high ankle sprain. There's nothing to talk about here, and like most Super Bowl week stories, it's something to fill the cycle. He's playing unless he can't walk. Done.
  • After widespread reports of Peyton Manning being unable to play ever again (twitter as the main culprit), he's come out and said he "feels good" and "expects to play". The bigger question is where?
  • NBA Round-up - Joe Johnson put up an "easy" 30 points in Atlanta's 100-77 road win in Toronto last night. Joe had 8 points in the final minute of the first half, and probably could've gone for 40+ if this was a more competitive game. He's always fun to watch when he has it going because he looks exactly the same as when he doesn't (lol). In other news, Toronto absolutely laid down in that game. At home. Yikes. Boston has reached the .500 mark! The C's upended the Cavs in Cleveland 93-90 led by 20 from Paul Pierce, but the best line of that game goes to Anderson Varejao who randomly put up a 20/20 including 10 offensive rebounds. Impressive stuff from a guy who's been forgotten by most. The Pacers snuck by the Nets after Paul George (24 points) and Roy Hibbert (18/14) put up really nice games, but the lead story coming out of that game was the injury to George Hill. Hill has a chip fracture in his ankle and is out "indefinitely. For a team with seven guys already, that's a huge blow. Insert AJ Price. The Knicks (gasp!) actually played well last night. A 113-86 drubbing of the hapless Pistons in MSG, and Melo put up 25 points on just 14 shots. Nice to see that team put out a decent effort, but everyone should be awaiting the return of Baron Davis to see if this team has a chance to make any real noise. Memphis and Denver played a really nice overtime game last night that featured 6 guys with at least 17 points, some back-and-forth runs down the stretch, and 23 and 10 from Al Harrington. Yep. And finally, Charlotte is the worst basketball team in the league, and it's not particularly close. The Bobcats lost 106-73 in LA, and that team is borderline non-competitive at this point with the roster they are putting out there. There are exactly four guys that should be in an NBA rotation (if, that) in Walker/Henderson/Thomas/Diaw, and none of those guys are anything to write home about at this point in their careers. Cover your eyes.
  • Trent Dilfer put up his QB rankings (1-40) on ESPN today, and as someone who tried to do this (it's hard), I was really interested to read it and take it in as people really respect Dilfer's opinion on the position in general. Worth a read even if he copped out on the order.
  • College Hoops - Two hideous/awesome Big Ten games last night. None of the four teams (Wisconsin, Penn St., Mich. St., Illinois) cracked 53 points, and I was still compelled by what I saw of both games. And while we're here, Mike Scott of Virginia is a player. I mentioned his underground National POY candidacy yesterday, and he didn't disappoint with 23 and 10 on just 11 field goal attempts in a 65-61 win against Clemson. I can't express how slow they play pace-wise, and his numbers (17 and 9 per) at that pace are scary.

What to watch for on Wednesday...

  • NCAAB - UConn @ #14 Georgetown - ESPN2 7:00 - This is always a quality game, even if UConn has been violently underwhelming so far this year.
  • NCAAB - #20 Indiana @ #22 Michigan - Big Ten 6:30 - I love these 6:30 EST tip-offs because they are so random. I really like Michigan in this one, and that's not even a homer pick.
  • NBA - Thunder @ Mavs - ESPN 8:00 - Dallas is coming on strong, and OKC is coming off that loss to LAC, so this one should be compelling.
  • NBA - Clippers @ Jazz - ESPN 10:30 - No one is talking about Utah at all, but at 12-7, and playing at home, they can absolutely beat LAC here.
  • Signing Day! - All day ESPN Networks and everywhere else - This is not everyone's cup of tea, but it's undoubtedly an important day in college football, and the coverage is crazy these days. Go Blue.


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