Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/26: Tiger, Heat, etc.


  • Tiger Woods is the #1 golfer in the world... again. Tiger held on to win a weather-lengthened Bay Hill Invitational on Monday (by 2 shots), and with the win, he vaulted back to the top of the World Golf Rankings. I believe it's clear that he's "back", as long as you're willing to remember that the year 2000 Tiger is never coming back, because that guy was a mutant. Anyway, I'm an unabashed Tiger fan, and it's nice to see him back and going, especially with the putter.
  • The Miami Heat have won 27 straight NBA games. That is obviously insane, although the most recent win (a 108-94 road win in Orlando) wasn't terribly impressive since Orlando is a bad basketball team. Even with that, however, Lebron cruised to a 24-9-11 and the Heat shot a combined 15-28 from 3-point land to pretty much blow Orlando off of the map in the second half. Ho-hum. 
  • Tubby Smith is out at the head coach at Minnesota. I really don't understand this one, and it's back-to-back days with coaches I like being fired. This one hurts more because I honestly feel like he did a pretty solid job at Minnesota, getting them to round 2 of the tournament, and parlaying a mid-tier Big 10 job into some decent success. It seems like he always gets the short end. 
  • Elsewhere in the NBA, Denver's 15-game winning streak came to a screeching halt with a 110-86 blowout loss to the Hornets on Monday night. The Nuggets shot just 38% from the field, and got uncharacteristically killed (45-32) on the glass. Anybody can beat anybody on one night in the NBA.
What to watch for on Tuesday...
  • 1:00 - MLB - Cardinals @ Mets (ESPN) - Less than a week until the season starts...
  • 7:00 - NBA - Knicks @ Celtics (TNT) - No KG in this one for Boston, so that gives the Knicks a much better chance at a road win. 
  • 7:30 - NCAAB (NIT) - Alabama vs. Maryland (ESPN) - NIT Quarterfinals! On the bright side, both of these teams are tourney-level, so it'll be watchable.
  • 9:30 - NBA - Clippers @ Mavericks (TNT) - Did you know that Dallas is only one game in the loss column behind the Lakers for the 8th spot?

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