Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conf. Tournament Viewing Guide - Saturday

Greetings! It's a rare Saturday post in this space, but as we kick things up for college hoops in March, here we are. Let's take a look at what's to come on Saturday...
  • 1:00 - ACC Semifinals - NC State vs. #9 Miami (ESPN) - NC State can win this game, and that's enough to tune in. They are very talented and if they put it together, they can challenge that veteran Miami team. 
  • 1:00 - SEC Semifinals - Alabama vs. #13 Florida (ABC) - I'm going to be on the Florida bandwagon for the duration... Hop on. 
  • 1:40 - Big 10 Semifinals - #22 Wisconsin vs. #3 Indiana (CBS) - The Badgers knocked off my Wolverines (sigh) and this is a major style contrast. Indiana is one of the highest-octane offenses in the country, but Bo Ryan will keep this in the 60's and give them a chance. 
  • 3:00 - ACC Semifinals - North Carolina vs. Maryland (ESPN) - Neither team is ranked, but don't let that bother you, this is a quality game. Maryland needs a win for a chance at an At-large, and there's a lot on the line. 
  • 3:30 - SEC Semifinals - Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss (ABC) - I can't fathom that this is a conference semifinal match-up in the Big Six conferences. Oh well. 
  • 4:00 - Big 10 Semifinals - #8 Michigan State vs. #10 Ohio State (CBS) - Very, very solid match-up. Two of the best coaches in America bringing talented (but not uber-talented) teams to Chicago. I like Michigan State in the game, but nothing would shock me. 
  • 6:00 - Big-12 Finals - #7 Kansas vs. #11 Kansas State (ESPN) - An awesome in-state rivalry for the Big 12 crown. This is basically the dream match-up for that league, and while Kansas is the better team, it'll be a bloodbath. 
  • 8:00 - Big East Finals - #19 Syracuse vs. #4 Louisville (ESPN) - I liked the 'Cuse before the tourney started, and I'm sticking with them. Their zone could be a real strength against Louisville's non-shooting guards, and they have big-time length to disrupt that offense. 
  • 11:00 - Pac-12 Finals - #21 UCLA vs. Oregon (ESPN) - The big story here (other than the automatic bid lol) is that UCLA freshman Jordan Adams is out for the season with a broken bone in his foot. That's a huge blow for the Bruins, and we'll see how they look here against a frisky Oregon team. 
Enjoy the slate!

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