Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Preview knew it was coming..... I won't absolutely blow the roof off this one....that's not why you need me b/c you can get Super Bowl stuff anywhere lol but here's what I got....In bullet form....
  • Larry Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the league....a great teammate (even considering restructuring to keep Boldin even though he really doesn't need to do that)....BUT Pittsburgh is tremendous at taking away the other team's #1 option....he'll get his, but he's not gonna beat them by himself....Boldin better be 100% or they'll just sit on Larry....
  • Hines Ward's injury/recovery is HUGE when regarding Pitt's offense....they just aren't the same team without him being full-strength.... Santonio Holmes is a speed guy who plays off the fantastic possession play from Ward and if he's not there....good luck to them on offense
  • Pitt's defense has been the best in the league all year....they haven't allowed more than 17 points in over 10 weeks....TEN weeks....17 isn't even alot of points! Yes, Arizona's offense is explosive...but they aren't balanced....yikes....
  • I've heard alot made of the special teams battle.....Both of these teams are pretty abysmal in the punting game....but both have quality return-men (Breaston and Holmes) I'm going to say its a wash with a SLIGHT edge to Pittsburgh b/c Jeff Reed has made big kicks in games like this and Neil Rackers plays for the Cards so he obviously hasn't lol
  • Troy Polamalu is over-rated.....take a breath....he's a GREAT....not good....but GREAT player....but he's limited in coverage and this isn't the team to be limited in coverage on.... Yes, his instincts are outstanding, but don't let the media hype fool you on his cover skills....he makes plays on the ball...but he isn't Ed Reed in the passing game....
  • Here are my KEYS: Willie Parker..... Arizona's run defense has been above-average all year and Pittsburgh MUST have a running game or their offense stalls (because their pass blocking is flat out horrendous)..... Edgerrin James.... Sense a trend here? Arizona can't throw 40 times and win this game either....He doesn't have to be great...but he can't average 2 yards a carry either..... Special teams.... remember when I just said there was no discernable edge? If somebody TAKES a discernable edge, it nearly always is a game-changer..... and of course....Turnovers.... Kurt Warner CAN NOT turn the ball over....we all know he has fumbling trouble (though he's guarded against it more lately) but they are at a disadvantage in that their defense can't bail them out like Pittsburgh's can...... and last but not least..... Big Ben.....don't forget he was abysmal in their Super Bowl win a few years ago (along with the refs) but he completed nine freaking passes....and he hasn't had the best year....though I attribute most of it to offensive line play, he can't make mistakes either or Arizona's offense can and will punish them......

Prediction time......

MVP: Willie Parker..... call it a hunch if you must.... I think Tomlin and the staff want to keep Arizona at bay and if they get a'll see the steady, it's too easy to pick a QB here

Score (with my point-spread prediction factored at Pittsburgh -7):

Pittsburgh 26, Arizona 17

(and btw, that's the UNDER as well lol....)

Enjoy the spectacle folks....and if you are a gambling person (which I no longer am lol) hit up those insane Super Bowl props!

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