Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Football Preview (11/3-11/4)

Greetings! Wait a minute.... is this football content?! Anyway, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, and that includes football previews, so let's get it!

  • #1 Alabama @ #5 LSU - 8:00 CBS - The undisputed game of the weekend, and really, the game of the year so far in college football. Alabama has been dominant since the jump (and I'm a Michigan fan, I'd know), but they're going on the road to that ridiculously tough environment in Baton Rouge, and that's not a small task. LSU has serious offensive issues and Alabama isn't a cure for that, but they do have a stable of running backs, and their defense could keep Bama in check here. I definitely like Alabama in the game, but this is their best opportunity to lose until at least the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. 
  • #24 Oklahoma State @ #2 Kansas State - 8:00 ABC - I feel bad for ABC because no one is going to watch this... at least unless OSU has a lead late in the game (if they do). For all of the talk about undefeateds, I've seen a surprising number of people that think K-State is running the table. I don't agree. I don't necessarily think they're losing here, but with this game plus road games at TCU and Baylor, and a closing game against Texas, I think they're dropping one somewhere. 
  • #4 Oregon @ #17 USC - 7:00 FOX - They couldn't put one of the games in the afternoon!? Anyway, Oregon/USC is a battle of the Pac-12 elite and Oregon's biggest test of the year. I do think they are a superior team, and they could score 50 on USC, but I can't rule out the Trojans for one reason. If Matt Barkley plays his best game, with those receivers, they can win. Period. I'm taking Oregon, however.
  • Ole Miss @ #6 Georgia - 3:30 CBS - I'm pandering to my audience by even including this game, but I will. This isn't the Ole Miss of the last few seasons, as they're a real opponent, and maybe even the biggest test for UGA until Atlanta. It would shock me if the Bulldogs lost this game, but it isn't a walk-over either.
  • #16 Texas A&M @ #15 Miss. State - 12:00 ESPN - It's funny that a match-up of two top-16 teams can have zero ramifications on even an SEC title picture... but that's the case here. Purely a bowl position game!
  • #23 Texas @ #18 Texas Tech - 3:30 ABC/ESPN2 - Another in-state matchup of ranked teams, and that can't be ignored. Texas Tech can flat-out score, but Texas has some legit NFL guys on that defense. A fun afternoon tilt. 
  • #20 Nebraska @ Michigan State - 3:30 ABC/ESPN2 - The Big 10 is a disaster outside of Ohio State. I hate my life. 
  • Denver @ Cincy - 1:00 CBS - Must-win for the Bengals to have a prayer at the 6 seed in the AFC, while Denver is firmly in control (at the moment) of the AFC West. Not an awesome game, but a watchable one. 
  • Arizona @ Green Bay - 1:00 FOX - The last-chance for Arizona. Green Bay is just better and I think Aaron Rodgers and company put the final nail in the coffin of the once 4-0 Cardinals. 
  • Miami @ Indy - 1:00 CBS - This could be a game with huge playoff implications... what?! really?! Yes! Miami's defense is stout, Indy has a real quarterback, and both teams are 4-3 in an awful AFC. Tune in.
  • Minnesota @ Seattle - 4:00 FOX - Seattle is a bear at home, and I like them in this game. This is a virtual must-win for Seattle, as a loss would take them to 4-5 and they aren't going to win the division without a disaster from the Niners. 
  • Pittsburgh @ NY Giants - 4:25 CBS - Maybe the best game of the day. The Steelers' offense is suddenly playing really well, and the Giants aren't as good at home (which makes no sense, but still). With a gun to my head, I think I'd still take the Giants over anyone in the NFC in a one-game spot, and that applies here. 
  • Dallas @ Atlanta - 8:20 NBC - National TV in Atlanta! Isn't this such a spot for Dallas to show up and have everyone buy back in? I'm not ruling it out. Atlanta is just better than Dallas, but the Cowboys' secondary is really, really good and that's an issue. This should be a game where we see some more Michael Turner than normal, and Tony Gonzalez should be a factor as well. I think it'll come down to who makes less mistakes between Romo and Ryan, and that leans toward Atlanta at this stage.

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