Thursday, October 23, 2008

NBA Season Preview: Rookie Talk, Award Predictions, etc.

The final segment of the NBA preview coming here....Starting with the famous SLAM Magazine "rookies most likely to...." (only 1st rounders will be used for me)
  • Average 20 points- Michael Beasley
  • Average 10 rebounds- Greg Oden
  • Average 10 assists- Derrick Rose
  • Get injured running laps- Kosta Koufos
  • Unfairly get bench splinters- Ryan Anderson, Courtney Lee
  • Throw ridiculous 75 foot laser beam outlet passes (for you Ryan)- Kevin Love
  • Lock you down end to end on defense- OJ Mayo
  • Be out of the league in 4 years- Anthony Randolph
  • Not play a single second this year- JR Giddens
  • Be under-appreciated but contribute on a playoff team- Robin Lopez
  • Lead the league in turnovers- Russell Westbrook
  • Lead the league in blocks- Greg Oden
  • Be the fastest player in the L- Jerryd Bayless
  • Be the receiving end of a poster- Kosta Koufos
  • Make GM's regret not picking him earlier- Nicolas Batum
  • Wish he stayed in school- Donte Greene
  • Lead the league in Bill Russell references- Greg Oden
  • Single handedly make people how forget the Spurs front office has been- George Hill
  • Lead the 2nd rounders in minutes- Chris Douglas-Roberts
  • Do Something that will be labeled freakishly athletic- Jevale McGee
  • Be a top-10 bust- Joe Alexander (Danilo Gallinari is just too easy)
Well that was fun.....laughter...moving on to the awards
  • Most Improved Player- JR Smith
  • Coach of the Year- Mo Cheeks
  • Rookie of the Year- Greg Oden
  • 6th man of the year- Lamar Odom (if he doesn't start reportedly)
  • All-NBA First Team- Yao, Garnett, Lebron, Kobe, Paul
  • MVP- Lebron James
Playoff Predictions....

Western Semis- LA over San Antonio, Utah over New Orleans
Eastern Semis- Boston over Detroit, Cleveland over Philly
West Finals- LA over Utah
East Finals- Cleveland over Boston
The Champs- LA over Cleveland

Have a great season folks

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