Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/11: Quick Football Wrap....

Without any ado....THE PICKS 

YTD (Entering): 35-32-3
  • Kansas +1....Loser!
  • Alabama -3.5.....Winner!
  • Wazzu +41.....Winner!
  • Kansas State +27.5....Winner!
  • Houston Texans +1....Loser!
  • NYG +3....Winner!
4-2 for the week
39-34-3 YTD....$$$$$

Teams that impressed me (College): 
  • Utah (big comeback to give them a chance to BCS)
  • Pittsburgh (looking suddenly very strong)
  • North Carolina (forgotten ACC front-runner)
  • Texas Tech (can't be stopped it seems)
  • Florida (Vandy isn't terrible, and that wasn't even contested)
Teams that layed eggs (College):
  • LSU (namely Jarrett Lee)
  • West Virginia (wave bye-bye to the Big East lead)
  • OK State (at least put up a fight defensively...)
  • Georgia (and yes, they won)
  • Penn State (obv)
Teams that impressed me (NFL):
  • Atlanta (keep on keeping on)
  • Baltimore (a big-time road win...GIVE WILLIS MCGAHEE THE BALL!)
  • The Jets (jeez)
  • The Giants (best team in the league, sorry Titans)
Teams that layed eggs (NFL):
  • New Orleans (God-forsaken defense and no running game)
  • Houston (bleh Sage)
  • St. Louis (47-3?)
  • San Diego (and yes they won....they aren't good)
  • Arizona (and they won too)
All I got time for for now....enjoy the week...

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