Sunday, January 18, 2009

The debut....

Well, I'm coming to you live from my iphone (sorry) Ryan....and can't really predict what this will look like at the end....but bear with me (and a likely lack of ellipses)

  • First things first....check out the NFL Championship preview (the post below)....That's obviously the biggest thing going down today....
  • Pitt implodes and loses to Louisville; Pitt finished the game shooting 1-16 including 0-8 threes and pretty much did everything they could to lose; that's to be expected once in a while I guess; but while we're here; there's only one team with a claim to #1 and its Wake Forest but I'm sure Duke will land there despite a loss and Wake's wins over UNC, @BYU, and @ Clemson; but in fairness, Duke looked very good in beating a good Georgetown team yesterday
  • Rams hire Steve Spagnuolo; Somebody had to right? Been hearing his name too much; But that defense has been putrid so he'll likely help a bit
  • Bucs fire Gruden and GM; to hire....Raheem Morris? A career assistant who is currently a DBs coach? Yikes; seems like a bit of a step back wouldn't you say? I don't know the man though, so he could be fantastic as well; the gambles we take
  • Cole Hamels signs for 3 years, 20.5 million; huh? That's all this guy gets? Who would you rather have right now: CC Sabathia or Hamels? I'll take Hamels and I don't think its close; he's getting fleeced here (well, in comparison, he's still rich)

That's all I got; takes a little longer on this thing...enjoy

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