Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick NFL weekend preview, and other stuff

Well one of my final NFL preview editions....let's get to that first.....with the picks...and I'm picking every game! lol
  • Giants -4 over Eagles....Well this line is insanely small based upon the bandwagon potential for Philly and how they tough they played them a few weeks ago....but really? The giants are only a point better than the Eagles? Blasphemy....Balanced attack leads them to victory and a cover
  • San Diego +6 over Pittsburgh....I actually think Pitt wins the game....but 6 is alot for a team who can't run the ball....I think like 23-20 Pitt here
  • Carolina -10 over Arizona....laying 10 with Carolina makes me squirm....but I told myself I'd pick every game and you couldn't pay me to bet Arizona after they gave out that Gatorade bath for a 1st round win lol
  • Tennessee -3 over Baltimore....NO chance I'm taking a rookie on the road against a top 5 defense....none...

To the other stuff....

  • John Smoltz set to sign....elsewhere?!??! This may make alot of Braves fans jump headlong off the wagon....Great signing for a reasonable price tag for Boston if they can get him for 5.5 mill plus incentives....but Frank Wren, have questions to answer
  • Browns name Mangini head coach.....hmmm.....I don't mind this IF they went after Shanahan and Cowher first lol
  • BCS Title game tonight....and it's like 4th in my rundown....shows where my allegiances are nowadays....Florida by 2 touchdowns by the way....
  • Steph Marbury to sign (possibly) with Boston....If i'm Danny Ainge, I run from this....
  • How in THE WORLD is Brett Favre's retirement talk the LEAD story on a sporting rundown today??! Officially....I can't see who would care about this....I sorta got it last year because he had a very good year....he was ABYSMAL for half the season and they missed the playoffs based solely upon his misery.....go away sir

That's it for now...enjoy!

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