Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well, that ended badly....

The end to the magical 2008 season for the Falcons ended with a thud in '09.....predictably the Cards made a big play in the Passing game early....and NOT so predictably they were able to establish a running game and take advantage of a freak fumbled exchange that magically ended up in the hands of Antrel Rolle running full-speed to take the Falcons down.....despite some of the worst game-ending clock management by a WINNING team I've ever seen.....Arizona ran a reverse that lost 10 yards while trying to kill the clock and were just openly winging it down the stretch with a lead....ah well, that game was brutal....but anybody that says they are disappointed by the season should remember that 11-5 and the playoffs were considered COMPLETELY out of the question 4 months ago....Things are looking up

Edit: Somehow I forgot Keith Brooking being thoroughly dreadful throughout culminating in a fantastically boneheaded effort on the late 3rd and 18 that ended the game.....Yes, I know this is one play, but I found myself saying all day, "what the **** is Brooking doing?".....And that, my friends, is a bad sign.....Mercifully, with his cap number and diminishing skills....I think that may be his last play in a Falcons uniform

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