Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Big Day in the Sporting World....

Well, Saturday was quite the sporting day....let's get to it
  • Florida topples Alabama....while the 31-20 final score made it seem like a semi-comfortable victory, I would say the opposite....Alabama led in the 4th quarter and was genuinely competitive throughout....I was impressed by Florida's resolve without Percy Harvin and 31 is nothing to sneeze at (even for them) against that outstanding Alabama defense....Props to Alabama as well for showing they were legit
  • That brings us to Oklahoma demolishing Missouri....we all saw this coming....Missouri isn't very good defensively and Oklahoma may have the best offense in the entire land....AND they just hung 60+ points without an all-conference tailback (Demarco Murray went out on the opening kickoff)....I'm perfectly fine with them being put in the title game....the Big 12 tiebreaker is a sham....but in a 3-way tie, you can't just say "Texas beat Oklahoma" without saying "Texas Tech beat Texas"....Oklahoma has the best resume and has looked outstanding for about a solid month....
  • Virginia Tech wins the ACC....Raise your hand if you're excited for a Virginia Tech/Cincinnati BCS bowl matchup? Me neither....
  • who's the Heisman winner? Sam Bradford has 1,000 more yards, 11 more total touchdowns (including 16 more passing) and less INT (on more attempts) than Colt McCoy....yes, McCoy was extremely valuable and you can't discount his running ability (and ludicrously high completion rate)....but Bradford wins the head-to-head battle.....That said....where does Tim Tebow fit in? I maintain that if he hadn't won it last year, he'd be the favorite but the built-in "no one ever wins it twice" thing is against him.... 40 total touchdowns....TWO INT....2!....It's clearly down to these 3 guys because Harrell and Crabtree will split votes for T. Tech and while Shonn Greene and Javon Ringer deserve more votes, they won't get them.....If I'm picking? Give me Bradford

To other sports....

  • Manny Pacquiao dismantles the "Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya.....Please God let that be the last time Oscar gets a huge payday and top billing...he was thoroughly overmatched by a guy who had never moved up so high in weight....he looked old and slow and almost a shell of his former self....that said, props to Manny who is a huge star in other parts of the world and if people still liked boxing, he'd blow up here too
  • Michigan downs basketball? Muah ah ah.....Could the sleeping giant be re-emerging? lol....Some of you know that I am actually a Duke fan as well so if I had to pick a top 5 team for Michigan to beat, they wouldn't be the one....but in the end, I'm maize and blue through and through so I loved this one.....I was down on this team outside of Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims...but the freshman class that John Beilein has brought in fits his system wonderfully...I'm genuinely excited for the first time in about 6-7 years
  • Washington hires Steve this move.....They are down, down, down in recruiting and this hire should fix that....he's been the brain child behind the USC offense for years (not you, Lane Kiffin) and should energize the fan base with youth and energy
  • Marion Barber not playing today vs. Pittsburgh...umm....I'll take the Steelers lol
  • Lost in the fact that Dwyane Wade hung 38 pts, 7 dimes and 5 boards on Oklahoma City was the fact that Russell Westbrook had 30 and 7 himself.....I'm impressed
  • Get Paul Millsap some minutes! In his last 8 games, he's gone over 20 points 5 times and had 10+ rebounds in EVERY one of them....
  • I cannot, will not....should not.....defend Mike Bibby's defensive effort in allowing JJ Barea to go off in the 2nd half against the Hawks last night....inexcusable to allow a guy like Barea to nearly single-handedly beat you down the stretch....sigh
  • Dahntay Jones....27 minutes....1-8 FG.....JR Smith.....25 minuts....6-10 FG......Come on George
  • Stephen Curry is that dude....44? Again? With Lebron in attendance, no less....and the dagger he hit as a throw-away from about 28 feet was just dumb....\

A nice NFL slate today....Enjoy

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