Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 16 NFL and more

THE PICKS first....
YTD (Entering): 47-52-3
  • Miami -3.5 over KC....Winner!
  • NE -8 over Arizona....Winner!
  • Seattle +4 over NYJ.....winner!
  • Falcons +3.5 over minny.....Winner!!

Wow...4-0...weird.....51-52-3 looks a little better

  • Okay....somebody wake me up.....The Falcons are in the playoffs....and, with a win and a Carolina loss this week, could get a first round bye!?!? What universe am I in? That said....they didn't really play that well yesterday, my boy Tarvaris Jackson helped out quite a bit
  • Detroit is 0-15....and they aren't getting to 0-16 in Green Bay....pack it in....go home
  • I can't remember a team that has ever looked worse in winning a 8-7 and completely out of sync....Arizona got pounded 47-7 in New England....but who didn't see that coming? This is more of an indictment on the division than anything else because the Cardinals have too many flaws to be taken seriously
  • Tampa loses their 3rd straight and now must rely on Dallas losing in Week 17....A pretty significant collapse by them and their style has caught up to them a bit with the total inability to create consistent offense
  • The Giants put away homefield throughout with their win vs. Carolina....Derrick Ward....15 carries, 215 yards....that's not a typo.....what a game from him to complement Jacobs 24 workman-like carries....The Giants aren't without flaws but I don't know who I'd like to beat them in the Meadowlands....
  • 8 years, 180 million....that's really not enough for Mark Teixeira? Honestly? He isn't even a top 10 position player in the Majors right now.....Just think about can he be in a position to turn that down? I have no earthly idea
  • The Hawks improve to seems like a little payback for all these years of Atlanta sports doom.....but I'm sure the Falcons will lose in Round 1, and Joe Johnson and Al Horford will tear their ACLs soon enough....
  • Rob Parker literally asked Rod Marinelli if he wished his daughter (who is currently married to his D-Coordinator) had "married a better defensive coordinator".....AT A PRESS CONFERENCE!....That exchanged actually happened.....after a pretty thorough unearthing of the guy already, he dropped that.....the term "suspended" doesn't even seem strong enough

More later

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