Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 17 NFL

It dawned on me this morning I hadn't put up my PICKS or thoughts on the NFL this week.....quickly, here we are
YTD (Entering): 51-52-3 (pending college football picks that I will wrap after the bowls)
  • Cleveland +11 @ Pittsburgh....Pittsburgh isn't playing for anything....and yet it still pains me to take 11 points, yikes
  • Tennessee -3 @ Indy.....Neither is playing for anything....but I'll take the Titans running game over the Jim Sorgi led Colts attack any day
  • Houston -3 over Chicago.....I love Houston at home usually....and Chicago lays the proverbial egg here
  • New Orleans +1.5 over Carolina.....Call it a hunch....I think Brees goes off....might even get the record
  • Denver +9 over San Diego.....really? A 7-8 team is laying 9 points to an 8-7 team?

Okay thats good enough....

  • Quickly, I like Atlanta, New England, Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans, Dallas, NYJ, and San Diego in the relevant (somewhat, at least) games.....


  • I will likely NEVER blog on the UFC....don't ask me to.....I don't care for it....I never will.....settled? Okay then

Enjoy the final full week of NFL action everyone

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