Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas All....

The title says it all....Do me a favor and watch some NBA basketball today.....and don't underrate the Spurs game at 2:30....any excuse to watch Tim Duncan go to
  • Arm health may retire Brett Favre.....well he's done anyway if you ask me...he's been openly dreadful for about 2 months now....and somehow he's in the pro bowl over Philip Rivers....shows how irrelevant that game is
  • Mike Singletary gets offered to stay on in San a feeling this ends badly....
  • Orlando is currently laying the wood to New Orleans by thirty(?) at halftime....interesting....good to see the Hornets showed up
  • Notre Dame won a bowl game! Granted it was against an overmatched Hawaii team but hey...let's get fired up about a team that went 7-6 and never beat a quality opponent.....hurray Clausen hurray Weis!
  • I was going over some stats last night....and realized Dwyane Wade.....while obviously leading the league in points (over Lebron btw) is also in the top 15 in the league in 6'4.....and he somehow averages a .5 block more than Lebron who is 6'8 250 and an athletic freak....and he averages more assists....on a team with no point guard or servicable post presence.....and Lebron is the knock-down MVP choice? Eh....I'm going to need more discussion

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