Saturday, December 6, 2008

Football Preview...the Return lol

Sorry I've been away....whirlwind the games starting with THE PICKS
YTD (Current): 46-46-3
  • Pittsburgh +2.5 over Uconn....I don't know any reason UConn should be favored in this game....McCoy runs wild
  • Alabama +10 over Florida....10 is just insulting....Saban keeps this close
  • Atlanta Falcons +3 over NO....New Orleans' season end last week...big-time letdown coming
  • Green Bay -5.5 over Houston.....Houston is a God-awful road team....rusty Matt Schaub playing in Lambeau.....

That's it....with the lessened College football slate....the picks will be less prevalent....

  • ACC Title Game: Boston College and Virginia Tech.....In a game that inspires no and they also win the right to go play Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl! Woo! I like BC in this game b/c Virginia Tech still can't settle the QB position
  • SEC Title Game: Alabama and Florida....You've already heard more than you need to hear about this Just know that I like Alabama to make it more of a grunge fest than normal....and this thing about Florida getting faster on turf....umm...what does turf do to Alabama then?
  • Big 12 Title Game: Oklahoma either wins by 24 or more or lays a complete in between I dont think

NFL....Really only 4 games worth discussing for me

  • Atlanta needs the win more than New Orleans does....
  • New York is just good enough to overcome the Plax distraction and lay it on Philly
  • Dallas loses in Pittsburgh....
  • Tampa and Carolina plays to a kid...I like Tampa because Jake plays right into their hands with the fact that he's totally erratic

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