Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here we are....

First...I went 0-4 in the picks last week in the NFL with three, count em, three losses by one point to the spread....I run well lol.... Okay, glad I got that out
  • Celtics @ Hawks tonight....somehow a game in December is literally the biggest regular season game in the history of Philips Arena (Hawks AND Thrashers included).....Boston riding a huge win streak and the Hawks have shown the ability time and time again to beat them in that building....I love the enthusiasm around the city (for once) too
  • Steph Marbury had to buy tickets to go see a Knicks
  • Pro Bowl snubs (not that anyone cares): THE most glaring one is......Philip Rivers and Chad Pennington (over Brett Favre) which is totally indefensible b/c Favre has been borderline awful for about 8 weeks now, John Abraham (over Julius Peppers), Barrett Ruud (over teammate Derrick Brooks, who got a courtesy selection)
  • Demarco Murray out for the BCS Title game.....this is actually way bigger news than it's been given credit for (because we are so far away from the game) but that could definitely swing things
  • Can we decide whether Rafael Furcal is coming back east? It was being reported as a done deal yesterday.....and now it isn't? I'm indifferent on the deal, but I know one thing.....Frank Wren better have a plan on what to do with him, Yunel, and/or Kelly Johnson
  • Michigan Defensive Coordinator Scott Shafer resigns....after one year.....well I guess that's what happens when the unit that returned 8 full-time starters and 1 platoon starter from last year...and got measurably worse in his first campaign....and I don't wanna hear how they were on the field too much....make a stop for once in your life....Good riddance to you sir
  • Joe Paterno gets a 3-year extension....I understand the outrage of some because...ya know, he does nothing....but if Penn State is fine with the team being run by coordinators...that's fine with me

More later

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