Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Bowl Preview....

You knew it was coming....starting with my PICKS for the bowl season (by lines here):
  • BYU +3 over Arizona
  • TCU -2.5 over Boise State (I like the Mountain West lol)
  • Maryland +2 over Nevada
  • BC -3.5 over Vanderbilt
  • Georgia Tech -4 over LSU
  • Georgia -7.5 over Michigan State (it pains me)
  • USC -9 over Penn State
  • Florida -3 over Oklahoma
  • Miami +8 over Cal

8 line bets seems about let me try this.....I'm gonna pick every game straight up and see how I do.....Here are the winners

  • Wake over Navy
  • Fresno over Colorado State
  • South Florida over Memphis (biggest lock of the entire bowl season IMO)
  • BYU over Arizona
  • Troy over Southern Miss
  • TCU over Boise
  • Hawaii over Notre dame
  • Central Mich over FL Atlantic
  • North Carolina over West Va.
  • Florida State over Wisc.
  • Cal over Miami
  • Northern Ill. over La Tech
  • Rutgers over NCSU
  • Missou over NW
  • Maryland over Nevada
  • Western Mich over Rice
  • Oklahoma State over Oregon
  • Houston over Air Force
  • Pitt over Oregon State
  • BC over Vandy
  • Kansas over Minny
  • GT over LSU
  • South Carolina over Iowa
  • Clemson over Neb.
  • UGA over Mich St.
  • USC over Penn St.
  • Cincy over Va. Tech
  • T. Tech over Miss
  • ECU over Kentucky
  • Bama over Utah
  • UConn over Buffalo
  • Texas over Ohio St.
  • Ball State over Tulsa
  • FL over Oklahoma

There it is....Game previews as we go....and after doing that, there are TOO many bowl games...

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