Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 17 Wrap....and some other stuff

Wow...that was an exciting(?) Straight to the picks wrap...
  • Cleveland +11 @ Pittsburgh.....Well I figured Pittsburgh would pull the starters, I just thought it may actually matter.....loser!
  • Tenn -3 @ Indy....yikes...loser!
  • Houston -3 over Chicago....winner!
  • New Orleans +1.5 over Carolina....Loser by a half point!
  • Denver +9 over SD....haha....loser

Back to normal....1-4, 52-56-3

  • Was anything more amusing to the average fan that Dallas getting absolutely blasted in a must-win game? I say no....No POSSIBLE way Wade Phillips should keep his job....BUT I blame the GM....who's that you say? Oh yea....the owner Jerry Jones
  • Mangini and Marinelli fired for the Jets and Lions respectively....the first one mildly surprises me....I blame Favre (and thus, the GM) more for the Jets demise than I do Mangini....anyone who saw Brett yesterday should agree, he was atrocious and is likely the biggest joke of a Pro Bowl selection I've ever witnessed (he's in ahead of rivers!!!!)....Marinelli...well, you know what happened
  • The Lions went 0-16....should be a bigger story....historically bad is just a big deal as historically good....or at least close, especially in a cap-driven league
  • To the AFC playoff picture....San Diego wins the division at 8-8 (by POUNDING a Denver team that looked awful on defense and would have had any other coach but Shanahan canned this morning)....while New England goes 11-5 and misses the playoffs.....a 3-game difference....something is amiss here....
  • I need more people calling for Gruden's head in Tampa....4 straight losses coming to head by a HOME loss to Oakland with the playoffs on the line? Yikes
  • Oh yea, Romeo Crennel got fired....Phil Savage too....I almost forgot since everyone in the free world knew that was happening the monday after the season for about 6 weeks now
  • Up and down day for Falcons fans....If only 3 defenders could knock the ball down on Steve said, great year regardless of playoff finish, 11-5? Seriously? Amazing....
  • Speaking of the Saints....Drew Brees threw his worst pass of the day to Lance Moore that would've broken the's almost like he didn't wanna get it that way....In fact, I'm going to say that on record....I think he threw that into the ground on purpose....or at least sub-consciously....and if he did, I applaud him....
  • please, Please, PLEASE let the Mets trade for Andruw Jones....I beg you
  • Andre Smith....consensus top 3 NFL draft pick this year and nation's best player (IMO) suspended for the Sugar's a shame it won't matter since they are playing Utah in the SEC hotbed of New Orleans...that said, the betting line DIDN'T is that possible? He's the best player on the
  • Yikes....the Falcons are favored on the road with a rookie QB in the playoffs...I don't care if it is Matt Ryan....

All I got for now....Full NFL playoff preview to come before Saturday, and the usual stuff sprinkled in

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