Saturday, March 10, 2012

3/10: Quick Hits!

Greetings all... very, very short on time, so let's get it...
  • Robert Griffin III is likely headed to... Washington?!! Yes, the 'Skins have pulled off a deal with Cleveland to move from #6 to #2 that features three 1st-rounders and a 2nd-rounder in exchange for the #2 pick. This is such a Daniel Snyder move in that it's a clear overpayment for a splash, but if it works and he's a high-end QB? It's likely worth it.
  • Ricky Rubio is having an MRI today for a possible torn ACL. Basketball die-hards everywhere are on pins and needles. Get well, Rick.
  • Kansas and Syracuse both fell in conference tournament action last night to Baylor and Cincy respectively. I'm not in any way suggesting that a conference tournament loss is damning to a national title run (it may even be the opposite), but make no mistake, this does reiterate that there's no clear favorites in this year's tournament with the exception of Freshman-led Kentucky, and Freshman-led anything is scary.
  • The Jets have given Mark Sanchez a 4-year extension, knocking off another Peyton Manning destination. I'm not at all high on Sanchez, but if they like him, it's not that crazy a price.
  • NBA Check - Chris Paul destroyed the Tony Parker-less Spurs to the tune of 36 points and 11 assists, and with Mo Williams adding 33 off the bench, LAC beat the Spurs on the road. Oklahoma City somehow fell to Cleveland at home to break their 14-game home win streak. And finally, Sacto gave Dallas their second straight loss behind seven guys in double figures.
What to watch for on Saturday...
  • ACC Semifinals - NC State vs. #4 UNC (1:00 ESPN) and #17 Florida State vs. #6 Duke (3:00 ESPN) as the UNC/Duke finals is on the verge yet again.
  • Big 12 Finals - #11 Baylor vs. #6 Missouri - 6:00 ESPN - Pretty nice title game, and while Baylor has the talent edge, I trust Missouri's guards and experience much, much more.
  • Big East Finals - Louisville vs. Cincinnati - 9:00 ESPN - Both of these teams are "unranked" but both are unquestionably tourney teams playing high-quality basketball and this will be a nice game.
  • Big 10 Semifinals - #12 Wisconsin vs. #8 Michigan State (1:30 CBS) and #7 Ohio State vs. #13 Michigan (4:00 CBS).... I'm an unquestioned homer, but I'm not sure you can ask for better than 4 top-15 teams squaring off and one of the matchups being a blood rivalry.
  • Pac 12 Final - Colorado vs. Arizona - 6:00 CBS - I don't think anyone will watch this game except for on Big 12 title game timeouts, but both of these teams are tourney worthy and the crapping on the Pac-12 has gone too far.
  • SEC Semifinals - #19 Florida vs. #1 Kentucky (1:00 ABC) and Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt (3:30 ABC) - Good luck to the ratings on that second game, but UF/UK is a nice appetizer.
  • NBA - Hornets @ T-Wolves - 8:00 NBA-TV - The story of this one is the health of the T-Wolves guys. Period.
  • NBA - Mavs @ Warriors - 10:30 NBA-TV - Who guards Monta Ellis here? That's high comedy.

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