Friday, March 30, 2012

Final Four Preview

Greetings everyone... this is as simple as the title sounds... previewing the Final Four from New Orleans...
  • Louisville vs. Kentucky (-8.5) - 6:00 CBS - If you were following the media this week, you might think that the final four only had one game this year, and this is it. The hype machine is in full effect between a) the coaches, b) the in-state rivalry, and c) Kentucky being the #1 team. Kentucky is unequivocally the best team in the field this year with pure talent like Davis and MKG with depth that includes vets like Jones and Lamb. I don't fully trust a team that features freshmen as their best players, especially when that team is coached by John Calipari, who isn't exactly a great in-game coach. If Louisville defends like they usually do AND makes threes, they have a chance here, but if the best team shows up for Kentucky, they win going away.
  • Kansas vs. Ohio State (-2.5) - 8:49 CBS - This is the better game IMO. Let me say first that I believe that Ohio State is the better team. They have the better in-game coach in Matta, an elite big like Sullinger, veteran role players like Buford and Thomas, and the walking defensive x-factor that is Aaron Craft. Depth is an issue for Ohio State, and they do have trouble scoring when Buford doesn't have it going, but the consistency has been there. For Kansas, I love Robinson and think he's the best college player in the country this year. After that, Tyshawn Taylor is a veteran who's finally playing up to potential BUT he is 0-17 from three point land in the tournament, and has a pension for being terrible erratic. I think the key for Kansas (outside of Taylor) is whether Jeff Withey can stay on the court, as he brings a different look as a 7-footer to put next to Robinson. I'm going to close my eyes and pick Ohio State because I trust their vets more than Tyshawn Taylor, but nothing surprises me here.


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