Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Official 2012 March Madness Bracket

Greetings everyone! Below is my officially posting of my bracket for what we all know as the Madness. The lesson, as always, is that I'm a blubbering idiot. Enjoy!

1st Round Winners - Kentucky, Iowa State, Wichita State, Indiana, UNLV, Baylor, Notre Dame, Duke, Michigan State, St. Louis, New Mexico, Louisville, Murray St., Marquette, Virginia, Missouri, Syracuse, Kansas St., Harvard, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Florida State, Gonzaga, Ohio State, North Carolina, Creighton, Cal/USF winner (Cal I think), Michigan, San Diego State, Georgetown (almost pulled the trigger on Belmont), St. Mary's, Kansas

Sweet 16 - Kentucky, Wichita St., UNLV, Duke, Michigan St., New Mexico, Marquette, Missouri, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Florida State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Michigan, San Diego State, Kansas

Elite 8 - Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas

Final 4 - Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio State, Kansas

Champs - Ohio State over Missouri

The above bracket certainly poses more "chalk" than I'm used to, but I kind of hate the batch of #3 and #4 seeds this year, and that makes it difficult to pull the trigger on major upsets. Stay tuned for a more detailed breakdown from the games as they go.

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