Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15: Bracket Morning Quick Hits

Greetings everyone... Stay tuned in a couple hours for a comprehensive Thursday preview... let's go...
  • Mike D'Antoni is out at the Knicks head coach. He apparently resigned amidst a strife with owner James Dolan centering around Carmelo Anthony and his unwillingness to play his style (which anyone with a brain knew a year ago), and Mike Woodson has been appointed as the interim coach. That sound you hear is me laughing. At any rate, I blame Amare Stoudemire significantly in all of this, and he's being ignored as the mob closes in on D'Antoni and Carmelo, but I'm sure Mike Woodson can save the day!
  • NFL Free Agent News - Calvin Johnson wasn't a free agent, but he did sign the biggest WR contract in the history of the league yesterday worth $132 million with $60 million guaranteed. Not much else to say on that one. Desean Jackson re-ups with Philly for $50 million+ in a move that I don't particularly understand. Is there any way that ends well after the theatrics of last year? And Brandon Carr, the former Kansas City DB, signs a $50 million deal with Dallas to replace the finally-departed Terence Newman.
  • The Dwight Howard situation reached an all-time level of absurdity yesterday, and rather than break it down for you, I'll just tell you that there is no resolution yet. Wait til 3:00 pm.
  • Hoops! - South Florida blew the doors of Cal last night thanks to Cal scoring a pathetic 13 points in the 1st half, and it's not like I picked Cal to beat Temple or anything... Yikes. The Chicago Bulls somehow beat Miami without Derrick Rose. That fact in itself isn't THAT crazy, but when I tell you that Lebron and Wade had 35 and 36 points respectively? That makes it crazier. Props to the walking irrational confidence guy that is John Lucas III. The Knicks found a team they could beat! And that team was the woefully struggling Portland Trail Blazers... by a score of 121-79. I fear that Portland has quit on Nate McMillan on the heels of the reported "mutiny" instigated by Jamal Crawford and Ray Felton, but I'll say this. I'd rather ship the players out than ship McMillan out. And finally, The Hawks finished their long road trip with a loss to the Clippers. Mo Williams led the way with 25 points on 9 of 18 for the Clips, and the Hawks couldn't hold LAC to worse than 55% from the field. That'll do it.

Stay tuned for the Thursday preview!

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