Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20: Peyton to Denver, etc.

  • Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco. There are so many sides to this story, but I'll hit a couple of them. First of all, I believe the pure choice of Peyton to go to Denver is a curious one. It's an outdoor team with below-average receivers (currently) and a situation that may even alienate some Tebow diehards, and I think it's clear that there were better football situations out there (San Fran assuredly). On Denver's end, you're getting rid of the financial golden goose in Tebow, and while I understand Peyton will bring in revenue as well, you've inked him to an enormous 5-year deal with no assurances that he can play, and if you ship Tebow out, there's no plan B. Thirdly, the media coverage of this is outlandish, and if you've been near a TV in the last 48 hours, you understand.
  • UNC's Kendall Marshall underwent surgery for his wrist Monday... and may play this weekend? That's the buzz, and while I don't believe it, the bigger question is, how can he possibly be effective?
  • The Golden State Warriors retired Chris Mullin's jersey Monday night. Big deal, huh? Big-time honor for a deserving guy, except that this story isn't about Mullin. Dubs owner Joe Lacob took the microphone (in an ill-advised move) and was unceremoniously booed by the Warriors fans, effectively marring the honoring of Mullin, and scarring Lacob further. Great start!
  • The Dolphins have signed David Garrard. It went from Manning, to Flynn, to the Matt Moore-David Garrard duo. Good luck with that, Miami.
  • NBA Check - The Orlando Magic scored 59 points last night at home against the Bulls. Remember when Dwight was so loyal and pleased to stick around? This is the "Hyde" to the "Jekyll" of the Magic. Carlos Boozer led the way with 24 and 13 for Chicago. The Hawks and Celtics played an utter slugfest that saw multiple near-brawls, a spectacular Jeff Teague dunk, some hideous basketball, and a furious late comeback by the Hawks to make it a game. That said, is there anything more fitting than perfect ball movement on the final possession while trailing by 3 points, and it leading to a wide-open AIRBALL by Jeff Teague? I have nothing here. Kevin Love is a monster, and he reminded us all with 36 points and 17 rebounds in leading a road win in Oakland. And finally, Dirk posted 33 points and 11 boards in disposing of the Nuggets 112-95 in Denver. Shout-out to Wilson Chandler, who got 16 shots up in 28 minutes in his debut. Sounds about right.
You may notice that I didn't do a "what to watch for" for Tuesday... and that's because there's nothing I feel good recommending. If you like the NIT, it's on. There you go.


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