Friday, September 12, 2008

9/12: Weekend College Football Preview!

There are some really good games this weekend....
  • USC/Ohio State: First things first....The hated Bucks travel to LA to take on USC....I wouldn't count OSU out even without Wells (wow what am I saying) but USC is clearly the favorite especially when factoring homefield....neutral site, I think this is a near toss-up but you can't discount a 3000 mile trip early in the year....The pick: USC but closer than most think
  • Kansas/South Florida: Yes...this is a battle of top-20 ranked teams...on FRIDAY!? Who plays on Friday? well...nevermind....i'm not a believer in Kansas at all...and especially not this far from home against an athletic USF team....The pick: USF
  • UCLA/BYU: This one pretty much depends on which Kevin Craft (UCLA QB) we see...the one that threw 4 picks in a half or the one who led the comeback to beat Tennessee....I'm going with the first half one as this is on the road and BYU is no slouch...and oh yea, UCLA can't hold them under 30.....The pick: BYU
  • Oregon/Purdue: I love this game....2 fast teams....Oregon is faster...but Purdue is at home and has the underrated senior QB in Curtis Painter....My gut can't allow me to take Purdue in this game...but logic says Oregon's got a long trip and a lack of experience on offense especially....The pick: Oregon (with reservations)
  • Georgia/South Carolina: Okay....A quick Vegas tutorial for you....Georgia is currently -7 in this game @ S. Car.....This means they are a 7 point're thinking....only 7 huh? And so am I...but Vegas is smart....and if the whole world is thinking "only 7?" and the line hasn't moved in favor of Georgia...usually that means there's some smart money being put on South Carolina.....These 2 always play ugly games (especially in Columbia) and even though I think UGA'll be close....The pick: UGA
  • Wisconsin/Fresno State: Easily the 2nd most intriguing game of the weekend to me....Wisconsin is the 2nd most talented team in the Big 10 and Fresno is the giant killer team that never goes away....but, in a twist...this one is IN Fresno....If this is in Madison, I'm going with the Badgers (Bret Bielema is 15-1 at home) but the long trip (that Big 10 teams generally die in) coupled with Wisconsin's historic indifference on the road....The Pick: Fresno
  • Michigan/ND: WARNING! Bias here.....I'm on record with what a trainwreck Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet have been at QB for Michigan....and the O-Line hasn't been much better...but the defense is allowing 1.1 ypc for the year and is no slouch in the secondary with both corners on All-Big 10 preseason teams....I maintain ND's victory over an abysmal San Diego State team (that lost to Cal Poly SLO the week before...laughter) is a worse sign than if they had lost to a reasonable opponent....they were one goal-line fumble away from losing to a Bottom 5 team in 1-A....I'm gonna go with my gut (and Vegas) and pick Michigan here....but it wouldn't surprise me at all if this is a 10-9 victory for ND....Oh, how the mighty have fallen...but hey, we have a new coaching staff! lol....The Pick: Michigan
Other games of interest:

Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech (for you, Trav)
Auburn over Miss. State
Oklahoma over Washington (but the Huskies hang around)

And the segment you've all been waiting for....THE PICKS! 
YTD: 3-8 (my goodness)

  • Washington +20.5 vs. Oklahoma
  • South Florida -3.5 vs. Kansas
  • Georgia Tech +6.5 @ Va. Tech
2 NFL Picks to come later

To come Friday/Saturday....NFL Week 2 Mini-preview....enjoy the weekend

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