Thursday, September 4, 2008

NFL Preview Part 9: Awards/SB Pick...

To wrap up my NFL Preview....I'll give you this....

NFC Playoff Predictions:

Wild Card Round: 
Seattle (West Champ) over NY Giants (Wild Card)
Minnesota (Wild Card) over Carolina (South Champ)

Divisional Playoffs:
Green Bay (North Champ) over Seattle (West Champ)
Dallas (East Champ) over Minnesota (Wild Card)

NFC Championship:
Dallas over Green Bay

AFC Playoff Predictions: 

Wild Card Round:
Indianapolis (South Champ) over Cleveland (Wild Card)
Pittsburgh (North Champ) over Jacksonville (Wild Card)

Divisional Playoffs:
New England (East Champ) over Indianapolis (South Champ)
Pittsburgh (North Champ) over San Diego (West Champ)

AFC Championship:
New England over Pittsburgh

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Scroll down.....Got ya....

MVP: Tony Romo, Dallas QB
Coach of the Year: John Fox, Carolina
Rookie of the Year (AFC): Darren McFadden, Oakland RB
Rookie of the Year (NFC): Desean Jackson, Philly WR
Defensive player of the year (AFC): Demeco Ryans, Houston LB
Defensive player of the year (NFC): Patrick Willis, San Fran LB

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: New England over Dallas....Shocking right?

Enjoy the season!

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bernie Dake said...

again, no mention of Buffalo. I question your picks and narrow mindedness! You better take care of Osa or your living on the street "Fo sho!"