Friday, September 26, 2008

USC Goes down....

EDIT: I thought I posted this at 8 am this morning....turns out I just saved as draft? So forgive the lateness

Wow...the favorites go down in a recap....A 5'4 (my height guess) true freshman RB slashes and gashes the vaunted USC defense....they get shutout for a half for the first time since 2001....and NO one saw this coming.....Because I love good football, I always seem to find a shred of hope for the underdog before big games with top 5 teams (to talk myself into the game)....and for this one? Not a thing....but hey, the Beavers proved me wrong....and opened the door for the 1-loss Big 12 or SEC teams to play....undefeated BYU for the title! I can dream right?

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