Saturday, September 27, 2008

NFL Preview Week 4

It's NFL time...and yes, I know it's Friday....but hey, who has time when they are immersed in CFB to do NFL previews? That's right....

YTD 11-12-1 (pending CFB this week)
  • Green Bay +1 @ Tampa Bay
  • NY Jets -1.5 vs. Arizona
  • Washington +11 @ Dallas
And now the preview....
  • Atlanta @ Carolina....Matt Ryan scares the (blank) out of me on the road; There's no answer for Steve Smith in the Falcon secondary, and Carolina will put 8 in the box all day long; The pick: Carolina
  • Cleveland @ Cincy...This one is interesting; Cincy looked improved last week in New York and Cleveland is in huge turmoil; I'm gonna say after this one, Brady Quinn is your week 5 starter in Cleveland; The pick: Cincy
  • Houston @ Jacksonville.... Matt Schaub is historically bad on the road and Jacksonville has some momentum from a last-second win last week...this has let-down game written on it, but I can't find a reason to pick Houston; The pick: Jacksonville
  • Denver @ KC....The Chiefs are home, they should, in theory put up a fight behind their best QB actually playing (Damon Huard) and a steady diet of Larry Johnson against a subpar Run D....They'll play better than Weeks 1-3....but...The pick: Denver
  • San Fran @ New Orleans....A Battle of throw-first, run-n-gun teams....Simply put, I'll take the better QB and the home-field....The pick: NO
  • Arizona @ New York Jets....The Kurt Warner road show hits New York....I think the Jets throw it around all day, and force Warner into enough mistakes....The pick: NYJ
  • Green Bay @ Tampa Bay....Brian Griese throws the ball 67 times??! That either won't sustain or if it does, they aren't winning....I think Green Bay looking that bad was more a product of Dallas than Green Bay...and if this game was played a week ago, GB would've been the clear favorite....translation; The Pick: GB
  • Minnesota @ Tennessee.....This may be the game of the week....the league's best Run offense against the league's best run a purist's dream...and also, a battle of journeymen should-be-backup QB's....8 in the box and Albert Haynesworth in the middle beats Minny; The pick: TN
  • San Diego @ Oakland....San Diego looks to be back on track...Oakland's D is bad against the run and not performing up to expectations against the pass either....SD goes on the road and wins soundly....The pick: San Diego
  • Buffalo @ St. Louis....St. Louis is just as bad as advertised...and Buffalo is better than advertised....Simple right? Well, the Roscoe Parrish injury doesn't kill the Bills as much with Terrence McGee to return kicks instead....Trent Edwards can beat Trent Green...laughter...The pick: Buffalo
  • Washington @ Dallas....I like this Redskin team....but I still don't trust Jim Zorn against a quality opponent and Jason Campbell is hit or miss....Dallas should be able to wing it on Washington and with homefield, this one speaks for itself....The pick: Dallas
  • Philly @ Chicago....This should be a good game...Chicago's D is very, very good...but so is that Philly offense....if Westbrook and McNabb aren't healthy, this could be very close...I'll take Philly with the reservations on those injuries....The pick: Philly
  • Baltimore @ Pittsburgh....Boy, the Pittsburgh O-Line can't catch a break...drawing Baltimore after being battered by Philly....That said, I think they respond a bit...and at no point, will I ever take a rookie QB on the road against a quality defense...that's a rule....sorry Joe Flacco....The pick: Pittsburgh
Fantasy sleeper of the week....Bryant Johnson! (Translation: he was my best bye-week option this week in one of my leagues)

There it is...enjoy the football

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