Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 NFL Preview: Part 9 - Awards and Playoffs

Greetings all... let's get to it with some predictions sure to go wrong...

  • Offensive Rookie of the Year - AJ Green, WR Cincinnati - This is a tough one for me this year simply because I think Mark Ingram is the most NFL-ready guy on offense, but in a Sean Payton offense and with Pierre Thomas still alive, I can't see him getting enough touches... so I'll take Green over Ingram and Julio Jones because he's uber-talented AND the #1 target... Runner-Up: Mark Ingram, NO
  • Defensive Rookie of the Year - Von Miller, DE Denver - Guy is a beast... flat-out, and with Dumervil on the other side, he'll see some single-teams, and I can see a double-digit sack year... Runner-Up: Patrick Peterson, CB Arizona
  • Coach of the Year - Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh - why? Because coach of the year may as well be called, "coach of the team that exceeds whatever experts think preseason"... and I hate that...
  • Offensive MVP - Ray Rice, RB Baltimore - I'm calling my shot... I think Rice goes for somewhere in the neighborhood of 2200 total yards, and takes the torch as the #1 RB for the year.... while the QBs (Brady, Rivers, Brees, Rodgers) battle it out for supremacy, I think he distances himself this year... call it a gut feeling... Runner-up: Tom Brady
  • Defensive MVP - Ndamukong Suh, DT Detroit - Whoa... a defensive tackle? yep... he's got the hype machine behind him AND a chance to go for 12-14 sacks from that spot with some memorable hits... it's all about perception for this one since the defensive metrics are widely used, so here we are...


NFC Teams - Dallas, Philly (WC), Green Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans (WC), St. Louis
AFC Teams - New England, NY Jets (WC), Pittsburgh, Baltimore (WC), Houston, San Diego

AFC Title Game - New England over San Diego
NFC Title Game - Dallas over Atlanta

Super Bowl - New England over Dallas

Okay... so there we are... brief, I know, but 9 parts is 9 parts... the season kicks off tonight with Packers/Saints... let's get it

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