Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28: The Norris Cole Show, etc.

Greetings everyone... I won't go as crazy as yesterday with NBA breakdowns... but here we go...
  • Heat 115, Celtics 107 - Have you ever heard the name Norris Cole? If you hadn't before yesterday, he's a rookie point guard from Cleveland State that was a mid-tier draft pick of the Miami Heat this season. Anyway, Cole had 14 of his 20 points in the 4th quarter including repeated mid-rang jumpers to drive the stake into the heart of the Celtics. It was pretty wild that he was even out there in crunch time in his 2nd career game, but he may have Wally Pipped Mario Chalmers. Ray Allen (28 points, 6 triples) and Rajon Rondo (22 points, 12 dimes, 8 rebounds) had good games for Boston, but the big 3 combined for 68 points for Miami and with Cole's 20, that was enough.
  • The Pro Bowl rosters were selected on Wednesday thanks to the begging and pleading of.... absolutely no one. That is all.
  • A-Rod has apparently had an experimental knee treatment in Germany. He's taken a page from Kobe Bryant on this one, and while it's apparently not illegal in terms of sporting law, it's certainly fishy. I have a question though, what about that busted hip?
NBA Stuff...
  • Hawks 106, Nets 70 - This game was about as non-competitive as it gets simply because of how bad the Nets were. New Jersey shot a putrid 31% from the field, and the Hawks won the rebounding battle 51-36. All you need to know about this one is that the Horford/Smith/Johnson trio combined for just 24 points and the Hawks won by 36. The bench was a revelation last night including Radmanovic going for 17 and McGrady looking spry with 12, but PLEASE don't adjust your expectations as a result, as this bench is still bad and won't be above-average at any point as currently constructed. One negative note is the appearance of Willie Green for 22 minutes. He took 10 shots and made 2 of them. This is what Willie Green is.
  • Roundup: Despite Kevin Love's ridiculous 31 and 20, the Bucks got a win last night over the T-Wolves led by Brandon Jennings' 24 point effort. Portland blitzed Sacramento in the second half to result in a 22-point win that saw Gerald Wallace and LaMarcus Aldridge combine for 49 points. Some of the ugliest possible basketball from Sacramento down the stretch, and that's the price of being young I'd imagine. And finally, the Lakers get a win! In a surprise (to me at least), they dominated from the jump on the 3rd leg of 3 games in 3 nights, and finished with a 96-71 win. Kobe led the way with 26 points and 8 boards, and the Lakers defended at a level I hadn't seen from them in the previous 2 games. For Utah, it was kind of a mess, and I can't comprehend what that rotation will look like when it settles in.
  • College hoops still exists. Did you know that!? Anyway, Notre Dame got a surprising win over Pittsburgh by 13, as they knocked down 7 triples including a few late to seal this one. Pitt is a bit of a disaster right now offensively, and they shot just 1 of 14 from 3-point land.
  • Bowls - NC State beat Louisville. Purdue beat Western Michigan. I saw zero minutes of either game. It's bad football.
What to watch for on Wednesday...
  • NCAAB - #12 Georgetown @ #4 Louisville - 7:00 ESPN2 - This is a randomly big college hoops game. I don't fully believe in Georgetown because of JT3, but they've been playing really well, and Louisville has been relentless so far this year. Nice game.
  • NCAAB - #14 Miss St. @ #7 Baylor (in Dallas) - 9:00 ESPN2 - Perry Jones vs. Arnett Moultrie. Enough to watch.
  • NBA - Wizards @ Hawks - 7:30 SportSouth - Home opener for the Hawks against the entertaining (if not mind-blowing) Wizards. Interested to see how Teague combats John Wall.
  • NBA - Thunder @ Grizz - 8:00 NBA-TV - Really nice matchup between upper-echelon West teams. Ibaka and Perkins will have their hands full, and I'm intrigued to see the Gay/Durant matchup since Gay is one of the rare guys with athleticism AND length to deal with Durant.
  • NBA - Knicks @ Warriors - 10:30 NBA-TV - No defense to be played in this one. Should be fun at the very least, as David Lee and Amare battle to a 35 point vs. 35 point draw.
  • NCAAF - Military Bowl - Toledo vs. Air Force - 4:30 ESPN - The bright side of this is that Air Force is fun to watch. I'm trying here!
  • NCAAF - Holiday Bowl - Cal vs. Texas - 8:00 ESPN - If you hate basketball, Texas is at least a story-worthy team just to see where that program is.

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