Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011-2012 NBA Preview #12: San Antonio Spurs

Greetings everyone... Ryan is back with a look at the ancient force that is the Spurs...

Roster Breakdown (Starters in Bold)
  • PG - Tony Parker, TJ Ford, Cory Joseph
  • SG - Manu Ginobili, Gary Neal, James Anderson
  • SF - Richard Jefferson, Kawhi Leonard
  • PF - Tim Duncan, Matt Bonner,
  • C - DeJuan Blair, Tiago Splitter (Ed: I have no idea what Pop does here)

General Thoughts

This team won 61 games last year... seems weird looking back on it doesn't it? 61-21 and then bounced by upstart Grizzlies... didn't see that coming, but what now?... They really didn't make any moves this year which is a tad strange. They are going to bat one more time with their three (Ginobili,Parker and Duncan) and then everyone else will be asked to chip in. I mainly have them this low because I don't know if there is a team in the league who could care less about a regular season than San Antonio (although last year seems strange to push for 61 wins and then flame out). So in this condensed season with multiple back to backs and sometimes another back to that, it's completely possible that Ginobili and Duncan will be rested very often just to make it to the playoffs and just let the young guys scrap it out until then. So who are these young guys you ask?...ummm yeah... James Anderson,Gary Neal and Kawhi Leonard are the guys that i'm looking at to make a big contribution. Anderson and Neal are the prototypical swingmen who can knock down shots and Leonard is the rookie hybrid forward who can rebound, defend and score close to the basket. I think the window has closed on the Spurs and while you can fight it and delay it... no one defeats father time. (Ed: You stop that right now, Tim Duncan will never age)


The low post guys around Duncan. Tiago Splitter... who are you exactly? In limited minutes last year you weren't ready at all, but will you be more adjusted to the speed of the game? McDyess isn't walking back through that door any time soon so they need you in the worst way to spell Duncan and DeJuan Blair. Speaking of which, Blair, I need you to do better as well. 8 and 7 is alright in 21mins(last year) but you may be looking at around 30 minutes a night and your bruising style is definitely needed for this team. We need production from you just as much if not more.

Predicted Finish

7th in the West

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