Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011-2012 NBA Preview #25: Sacramento Kings

Aloha... Ryan is with you for the entertaining Sacto squad...

Roster Breakdown (Starters in Bold)
  • PG - Jimmer Fredette, Isaiah Thomas
  • SG - Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, Francisco Garcia
  • SF - John Salmons, Donte Greene, Tyler Honeycutt
  • PF - JJ Hickson, Travis Outlaw, Chuck Hayes
  • C - DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, Hassan Whiteside

General Thoughts

I was back and forth with deciding who was the worst Western conference team (New Orleans being the other) and I picked the young guys as a bit better. (ed: co-sign) I think that the upside of DeMarcus Cousins (14 pts and 9 rebs last year) can be as high as any big man in the league as long as his temperament is in the right place. Tyreke Evans being healthy (Plantar Fasciitis last year) will go a long way for him to get back to being a 20/6/5 player again and getting to the rim at will. Added to the mix is Jimmer Fredette who can shoot from pretty much anywhere on the court. Now it should be noted that Jimmer isn't a "true point guard" but he reminds me of Steph Curry(which isn't a bad thing) and I think if him and Evans' talents can blend (and I think they will) the overall team will take a big step forward...just not this year. There is a fair amount of head-scratching moves, mainly involving the small forward position. John Salmons is the assumed starter (I don't know why he's even there) with Donte Greene and Tyler Honeycutt also there, you also pick up Travis Outlaw, who plays the 4 really bad but plays the 3 really well.... you really didn't need him either but you signed him for a multi-year deal.. great. Then mix in Marcus Thornton... there is no way I could be that coach and determine any sort of division of minutes that also maximizes wins. (ed: I've never seen a weirder composition at the forward spots, and with the Chuck Hayes move as well? What's the plan Sacto?)


I don't know if DeMarcus Cousins is a household name (2nd year..why would it?) but if he cashes in on his talent and focuses... he can really be a special big man which is a rarity in our game. The things holding him back are his mood and his lapses in concentration. I think these are a product of youth (He's 21) but there is always a fork in the road: One side being maturing with age and it "comes all together" or letting those immaturities overtake you and you become a malcontent and other negative connotations... which no one wants. Here's hoping this year will be a step in the right direction. (ed: the "Josh Smiff face" is an issue)

Predicted Finish

14th in the West

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