Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011-2012 NBA Preview #6: Los Angeles Lakers

Back to the Western Conference, penned by Ryan... let's go...

Roster Breakdown (Starters in Bold)
  • PG - Derek Fisher, Steve Blake, Darius Morris
  • SG - Kobe Bryant, Jason Kapono, Andrew Goudelock
  • SF - Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace (ed: wow), Devin Ebanks, Luke Walton
  • PF - Pau Gasol, Josh McRoberts, Derrick Caracter
  • C - Andrew Bynum, Troy Murphy

General Thoughts

It's been a rough go of it for the Los Angeles Lakers... swept against the eventual champion Mavericks, Phil Jackson retires, they're left out in the cold of David Stern's sellers remorse of Chris Paul, missed on the on again/off again chance to land Dwight and in the process, giving away Lamar Odom for virtually some basketballs and tire shine... but just before you start sizing up that cliff to jump off... this is still a very very good basketball team. Kobe Bryant is on the downside of his career, but you don't want to say that to his face. Given what has been going on around the league (and recently in his own building) you best believe Kobe isn't going to go down easily. He's the one player in the league (maybe the only) you don't want to anger and guess what?... he's angry lol. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are still the best forward/center combo in the league (cue the Memphis people mumbling) and I think that if those two are given the ball at a high rate, many teams will struggle to defend them. I see its official that everyone acknowledges the fork sticking in the back of Fisher, but I offer a decent solution for that predicament in the form of Steve Blake. Yes, he struggled last year but everyone does in year 1 of the triangle offense (which is long gone) but its all about expectation. Is he a superstar?... no ... but he's a solid player who knows who to pass to and can hit a shot... at the end of the day you just need someone who doesn't suck out loud. Last thought... Which name are you using this year?...Ron Artest or Metta World Peace?... choose wisely. (ed: Artest, not close)


Just a couple here. I feel like the play of Troy Murphy and Josh McRoberts is very, very important to the success of the Lakers this year.... ::Waits for the awkward silence and/or laughing to die down:: Are you done?...okay... what we know about Andrew Bynum is this: Really good young big... and that he's a tad injury prone. We can safely assume that something will happen to Bynum's knee and he'll miss a little bit of time: Enter McRoberts and Troy Murphy. Now I don't know if Troy can play anymore (Last saw him just sitting on Boston's bench not to long ago) but if he can, he's a double double guy who can also shoot the 3 pretty well. McRoberts is a great energy guy and crashes the boards all the time has an emerging offensive game too that could surprise some people. Also, Phil Jackson isn't walking through that door... Mike Brown is the coach now... he's okay... and i'll just leave it at that because I spent this entire segment trying to build up Laker fans...

Predicted Finish

3rd in the West

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